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WATCH: Tipsy Andy Cohen Goes Off on Bill de Blasio During CNN's NYE

Bravo’s Andy Cohen went on a tipsy rant about how awful Bill de Blasio was during CNN’s broadcast of the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration.

Cohen was appearing with Anderson Cooper as the ball dropped and incoming Mayor Eric Adams was being sworn in.

“Watching Mayor de Blasio do his ‘victory lap’ dance after four years of the crappiest job as the mayor of New York,” Cohen said.

Cooper replied, “Oh, don’t go on a rant! Don’t go on a rant.”

“The only thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been,” Cohen added. “So, sayonara sucka.”

“2022. It’s a new year. Cuz guess what, I have a feeling I’m going to be standing right here next year and you know who I’m not going to be looking at, dancing as the city comes apart? You!” Cohen said, directing his ire at de Blasio.

Cooper pleaded with the popular Bravo star to stop, but failed.

Cohen did not apologize for his rant, but tweeted that he was a bit “overserved.”

“Good morning. Um, I was a bit overserved last night….” Cohen tweeted with some rain cloud emojis.

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12 responses to “WATCH: Tipsy Andy Cohen Goes Off on Bill de Blasio During CNN’s NYE”

  1. johnny311duck says:


  2. Coinrule says:

    So where just getting drunk on live TV now?

  3. pandusa says:

    Just when I thought CNN couldn’t sink any lower…New Years Eve. I guess if I had the year they have had, I would have gotten roaring drunk too.

  4. BTL10101 says:

    No truer statement, overserved, relaxed his inhibitions and allowed him to tell what was in his heart and on his mind. Cooper is just the vapid relic attached to the funeral procession that is CNN.

  5. ChainsawChuck says:

    Anderson= deranged Nazi nut job. The only thing wrong here is this dicklicker apologizing.

  6. Jay1 says:

    Now if only they swore to restore the rights lost in the constitution after 9/11. A swear to uphold as it currently is, is meaningless.

  7. MadManTV says:

    A Warning from a Mad Man
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  8. BlueTECK says:

    I feel like this is towing-the-line on non-news. It may be a slow weekend, but this is not the sweet spot I have known TIMCAST to be.

  9. wescom says:

    Yea. Cooper is a douches-nozzle. Years ago I used to think I was smart by letting him build my personal narrative. Hahaha!
    Sayonara mother ‘let’s ‘. And I mean that in the most positive way. 😀

    Brandon? Time to go. Brandon??


  10. Devilsgun says:

    I am all in favor of anything and everything that gets snotbag elf Anderson Pooper’s bussy hurting

  11. Wolv256 says:

    Fuck you, Anderson, you Commie CIA scumbag. People like you are ripping this country apart. I don’t want peace with you, I want you jailed or removed from MY country.

  12. WinterTiger says:

    If you want to know what a dying news channel looks like, look no further. Kiddie diddlers, sexual deviants, lying anchors, you name the depravity and CNN is a one-stop shop for whatever repulses you. I think 2022 is a year y’all here at Timcast will kick the shit outta these dying propaganda outlets. Happy New Year!!