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WATCH: Man Gets Physically Dragged Out of Event After Asking Hillary Clinton Why Her Husband Visited Epstein's Island 26 Times

“Hey, Hillary. Why did your husband visit Epstein Island 26 times?” Rosen asked.

Independent journalist Alex Rosen was dragged out of an event for questioning Hillary Clinton about why her husband, former President Bill Clinton, visited pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private island 26 times.

Rosen runs a Rumble channel called Predator Poachers, in which he sets up To Catch a Predator style stings to bust pedophiles.

Clinton was speaking at an event in Houston to campaign for Democrat Mayoral candidate Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee when Rosen confronted her.

“Hey, Hillary. Why did your husband visit Epstein Island 26 times?” Rosen asked.

The crowd immediately began trying to drown him out with a chorus of boos.

Rosen was soon dragged from the event by security.

“Is this really necessary officer, you guys are dragging a grown man. Is this necessary? Come on,” Rosen could be heard shouting at the security.

Rosen tweeted on Sunday morning that he was questioned by the Secret Service once he was outside and posted a video of the exchange.

“After I was dragged out of Hillary Clinton’s rally, the SECRET SERVICE tried to question me. Take notes. This is how you handle fed bois. Laugh in their dumb fed faces, then walk away,” Rosen tweeted with a laughing emoji and the video.

Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of grooming and obtaining underage girls for Epstein was pictured at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010. Epstein had already been convicted for sex crimes by that time.

The friendship between the Clintons and Epstein goes back to the early 90s.

The former president and now-deceased pedophile were such close friends that Epstein had 21 phone numbers for Clinton in his contact book.

Clinton put out a statement following Epstein’s arrest saying that he had only been on his private plane, the “Lolita Express,” four times.

The logs from 2015 reveal that Clinton had flown on the private plane at least a dozen times. However, Fox News reports that he had taken at least 26 trips on the plane.

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