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David Mamet Urges Fellow Jews To Stop Supporting Democrats

'There Is No More Cozy Mystery In The Antisemitism Of The Democratic Party'

Award-winning Jewish playwright and filmmaker David Mamet has urged fellow Jews to end their support for Democrats in the wake of the attack on Israel by Islamic militant group Hamas earlier this month.

The playwright took aim at the Democratic Party in a recent essay published by UnHeard titled, “How the Democrats betrayed the Jews: The sick thrill of antisemitism has a price.”

“Today, Jews vote Democratic: electing Presidents who refused to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister (Obama and Biden) in times of ‘peace,’ who gave and give aid to the terrorist state of Iran in exchange for some semi-specified ‘deal.’ American ‘Aid’ to Iran pays for the equipment and ordnance, which is, at this moment, eradicating Jews,” Mamet wrote. “There is no more cozy mystery in the antisemitism of the Democratic Party; Representatives are affiliated with the Democratic Socialists and pro-Palestinians, calling for the end of the state of Israel — that is, for the death of the Jews.”

Mamet also referenced a recent story out of the Gaza Strip which claimed Israel bombed a hospital and killed over 500 people. The story was found to be false or misleading as reports indicated the parking lot of the hospital was bombed and the building itself was not compromised. Other reports indicated the attack came from Hamas within the Gaza Strip.

“In spite of absolute proof to the contrary, [Democrats] will not call out the unutterable atrocities of Hamas,” he wrote. “The writing is on the wall. In blood.”

Mamet said his generation was raised in a post-Holocaust world and criticized those who suggested hatred of Jews was non-existent.

“Are you literally willing to die rather than admit you were mistaken?” Mamet asked of Jewish Democratic supporters. “The answer, today, to many liberal American Jews, is ‘Yes.’”

The playwright also took aim at “Leftist media” and those who consider themselves liberal for calling for a ceasefire from Israel amidst the Jewish state’s military response to Hamas’ attack.

“This is where the libel of the hospital bombing is instructive,” he continued. “It is, quite literally, another example of the West’s oldest, most reliable, and most permissible sick entertainment: the call for Jewish extinction. The invitation, here, is no different from that of the carnival barker: thrills, chills, and excitement galore.”

The playwright also referenced Jewish history, including historical atrocities committed against Jews.

“From Cossacks, peasants, pogroms, the Crusades, Hitler, Stalin, and so on. And, so, we were convenient victims as we were powerless, in effect the battered wife of the West,” Mamet wrote. “We were at the mercy of anyone who wanted anything we had: our possessions, our children and women, our lives, our hair to make mattresses, our bones to make fertilizer, and our trauma to make Holocaust porn and ‘News at 11.’”

“The Democratic Party … was always happy to take our money and our votes, and ask us to wait in the Outer Office. As it does today,” Mamet concluded. “The position of the Jews changed in 1948 with the foundation of the Jewish State. But the habits of 2,000 years, now of Liberal Jews (in the diaspora and in Israel) have not changed. These appeal, in the name of humanity, to powers which may believe in humanity, but, unfortunately, do not consider Jews human.”

Mamet also appeared on Fox News this week and urged parents to distance their children from colleges.

“Thanksgiving’s coming up, when your kids come home from college, don’t send them back,” Mamet said. “Stop funding antisemitic hatred and calling it, ‘Oh, it’s a good place to meet people.’ Because for a Jew to send his or her son or daughter to these elite institutions because they’re going to make connections is the same thing as putting their daughter in a brothel because they’re going to meet powerful men there.”

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