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WATCH: Essential Workers Protest Looming Vaccine Mandates in NYC

Over a thousand protesters gathered outside Gracie Mansion, the mayor of New York City’s official residence, on Oct. 28 to rally against vaccine mandates for city workers. 

“If you’re not working you are going,” read one flier promoting the demonstration, which was loosely hosted by New York City Fire Department unions. “We must all show up and hold the line.” 

Elad Eliahu was on the scene to speak with protesters, who held signs with the following slogans:

“Caution! You are being conditioned to believe that your freedom is selfish”

“Essential Workers aren’t Disposable Heros” [sic]

“Where there is risk, there has to be choice”

“Just a regular mom that refuses to co-parent with the government”

Eliahu spoke with attendees about the importance of freedom when it comes to personal medical decisions, possible similarities between vaccine mandate protests and the Civil Rights protests, and the hypocrisy of the city’s government turning its back on essential workers — some of whom served during the aftermath of 9/11. 

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4 responses to “WATCH: Essential Workers Protest Looming Vaccine Mandates in NYC”

  1. CJS3 says:

    It’s not about vaccines. It’s about arbitrary government mandates.
    Putting Covid infected people in old folks home was also a mandate.

  2. pandusa says:

    You go NYC ! My dad and 2 of my brothers were born in NYC. You are just like a lot of us. Positive for Bad Government !

  3. marblecreekmonarch says:

    This one, right there in the Brooklyn jacket, gives me endless hope in a brighter future for our children and theirs to come. He needs to continue to impress others with his message.

  4. Turk_Longwell says:

    Great on the spot interviewing. Cheers.
    Those folks, they know what’s up. Who cares who says it’s a good vaccine or whomever took it, it’s about the mandates. Props.
    Elad out there trying to trigger those fire fighters. 😂 That dude had to get held back.

    Side note… It’s a bit annoying that all the site videos work like shit on all my 3 mobile devices, since day one.
    Am I the only one? Is it a rumble thing?