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WATCH: De Blasio Says People Will Be Forced to Accept COVID Vaccines If Their ‘Paychecks Depend On It’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio doubled-down on his latest vaccine mandates across the Five Boroughs Friday, saying people will ultimately receive the injections if their “paycheck depends on it.”

“Human beings are pretty predictable. If you say, ‘Your paycheck depends on it, or your ability to enjoy life, and go do the things you want to do,’ people will make the practical decision … but we’re not pushing hard enough,” said de Blasio, who leaves office on Jan. 1.

A judge in Manhattan temporarily blocked de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for New York City employees earlier this month.

“On October 20, de Blasio imposed the order that required all city employees to have at least their first shot by October 29, or face being suspended without pay. It affected roughly 160,000 employees and was met with much opposition. Police and firefighter union leaders warned that the rule would lead to staff shortages,” reports Newsweek.

“On Monday, de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for private sector workers, which was expected to take effect on December 27 and apply to roughly 184,000 businesses, according to a statement from the City of New York,” adds the magazine.

The Mayor released the following statement on the impending legal challenges to his order: “New York City will not give a single inch in the fight against COVID-19. Vaccination is the way out of this pandemic, and these are bold, first-in-the-nation measures to encourage New Yorkers to keep themselves and their communities safe.”

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8 responses to “WATCH: De Blasio Says People Will Be Forced to Accept COVID Vaccines If Their ‘Paychecks Depend On It’”

  1. Wolv256 says:

    Bring it on, Bitch!

  2. Derseffect says:

    What he is saying is, if you don’t comply, we will take your God given rights away. Thems fighting words in Merica my friends. Our forefathers did it and so should we. Dictators shouldn’t be tolerated. We’ve learned the hard way too many times throughout history. We appeased the CCP dictatorship for decades and look where that has us…right in the palm of their hand.

  3. Yoel83 says:

    The people that actually agree with him are literally insane and live literally in a different reality. Mandates are inhumane and don’t work as they are against human nature. But of course the people that live In nyc are nuts

  4. spike11117 says:

    This guy is just pure evil

  5. unspecialnoob says:

    Sounds like a good way to cause a mass exodus from NYC. Screw him and screw anyone who agrees with him. Get out now while you still can. You know they’re not far away from locking down and preventing people from leaving. At that point it’ll be like East Berlin

  6. RandomSalmon says:

    This is certifiably insane!
    The fact that he thinks that mandates will get people to comply is delusional just like his response to COVID.

  7. prcntm says:

    Yup. Loyalty test. He almost literally says it. He straight up said if you want us to leave you alone, you’ll get the vaccine. No regard for personal choice. No regard for religious practices. Not even regard for those medically incapable. He thinks he has these people under his complete control. What’s scary is he might be right. Maybe not 100%, but enough of a percentage that it works.

  8. TuckR8 says:

    Spoken like a true fascist!