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WATCH: Canadian MP Says 'Honk Honk is an Acronym for Heil Hitler'

Liberal Canadian MP Ya’ara Saks asserted during a floor speech that “Honk Honk is an acronym for Heil Hitler.”

After becoming a mockery on social media, Saks cited a 2019 thread from an Antifa Twitter account as her source.

“Honk Honk,” of course, became a rallying cry in support of the Freedom Convoy trucker protest after they were banned by the Canadian government from honking their horns.

“It’s easy to miss nazi/”alt-right” signifiers are if you aren’t swimming in this cesspool all the time. So this is going to be a running thread on what to watch for, with a special emphasis on vocabulary and symbols that should make you suspicious,” the Antifa account wrote at the beginning of the tweet thread cited by Saks.

“Let’s start with a classic and a new variant: 88 and ‘HH’ phrases like ‘honk honk.’ They mean ‘heil hitler.’ H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, thus 88,” the thread continued. “‘Honk honk’ is associated with the honkler and is often used ‘ironically’ by alt-right trolls.”

As Timcast previously reported, an elderly man was forcefully restrained and ticketed in Ottawa for honking his horn in support of protestors, one day before a judge outlawed honking in the Canadian capital.

Saks was elected in a by-election on October 26, 2020, after Michael Levitt resigned.

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