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WATCH: Australian Protesters Clash With Police Over Strict Lockdown Orders

Countless Australians took to the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities over the weekend in defiance of the government’s draconian lockdown orders mandating over 80% of the entire population to remain in their homes.

At least 300 people were arrested for violating the prohibition on COVID protests.

“Australia’s police arrested 235 people in Melbourne and 32 in Sydney on Saturday at unsanctioned anti-lockdown rallies and several police officers were injured in clashes with protesters,” reports Reuters.

“About 700 people managed to gather in parts of Melbourne, as 2,000 officers made the city centre virtually a no-go zone, setting up checkpoints and barricades. Public transport and ride shares into the city were suspended,” adds the global news agency.

“To anybody planning to breach public health orders and attend an illegal mass gathering this weekend, our message is clear: Don’t do it,” said an official from New South Wales (NSW) in August.

“We are not opposed to free speech. We are absolutely opposed to a protest that potentially jeopardizes the freedom of the vast majority of the community that continue to do the right thing,” added a member of the New South Wales Police Force. “We are absolutely opposed to a protest that allows people to gather and in doing so has the potential to risk the health and safety of the majority of the community.”

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