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Washington Post Publishes Home Address of Popular Critic of Left LibsofTikTok

Reporter Taylor Lorenz has previously claimed to suffer from PTSD from being doxed in a similar way

An article by a technology reporter at the Washington Post provided the home address of the creator of the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account.

In an article meant to expose the person behind the popular account, reporter Taylor Lorenz linked to a critical piece of information that disclosed the private home address of the person running Libs of TikTok.

After the ensuing backlash, The Post removed the link.

Timcast confirmed that the address published is documented as the creator’s private home address.

Lorenz, who recently described being doxed and harassed during an MSNBC interview, sought to expose the creator. She contacted her family members and followers, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Press Secretary Christina Pushaw, in hopes of getting their reaction.

“You feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the Internet to destroy your life. And it’s so isolating. It’s horrifying,” said Lorenz in the interview.

“Libs of TikTok” is a popular Twitter account with more than 600,000 followers.  The majority of its content was reposted clips of TikTok videos that documented open expression of left-wing political ideology, such as the promotion of sexual identity and transgenderism in schools.

Several of the posts went viral and were later shared on mainstream outlets like “The Ingraham Angle” with Laura Ingraham, The Joe Rogan Experience, and The New York Post.

In her article on the Twitter account, Lorenz says the “anonymous account’s impact is deep and far-reaching.”

“The account has emerged as a powerful force on the Internet, shaping right-wing media, impacting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and influencing millions by posting viral videos aimed at inciting outrage among the right,” Lorenz claims

Lorenz, who claims to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after her personal information was shared online, released not only the “Libs of TikTok” creator’s name but specific personal details.

The Washington Post reporter linked to the creator’s employer, employer’s address, and professional credentials. She also gave details about her travel history.

She went to addresses affiliated with the creator and attempted to speak with people who were later revealed to be members of the creator’s family

The “Libs of TikTok” creator has spoken with several media outlets but has always appeared on the condition on anonymity. 

After Lorenz’s story was published on April 19, “Libs of TikTok” sent a message of gratitude to the account’s supporters.

Thankfully I’m currently holed up in a safe location. I’m confident we will get through this and come out even stronger. Grateful for all the thoughts and prayers,” the creator wrote.

In a statement to Timcast, Lorenz said, “I did not publish her home address” and suggested contacting The Post’s public relations department.

Timcast will update this story if additional comments are received from The Post.

Editor’s Note: The title of this article has been modified slightly to reflect the fact that Lorenz disputes the assertion that she published the home address in question.

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