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Washington Post Editor Incorrectly Claims Trump Jr., Eric Trump Posted Photos of Judge's Daughter

'Both Trump Sons Have Now Posted Photos Of The Judge's Adult Daughter. Totally Irrelevant -- And Obviously Intended To Intimidate'

Glenn Kessler, editor and chief writer of the Washington Post’s Fact Checker, incorrectly stated both of former president Donald Trump’s sons shared images of a family member of judge Juan Merchan in an attempt to “intimidate.”

The Washington Post editor shared cropped screenshots of tweets from Trump’s sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

“Both Trump sons have now posted photos of the judge’s adult daughter,” wrote the Washington Post fact checker. “Totally irrelevant — and obviously intended to intimidate.

Kessler followed up his post by noting he didn’t want to further share images of Merchan’s daughter Loren.

In fact, both Trump sons shared articles from outlets that featured images of Merchan’s daughter.

“Seems relevant … yet another connection in this hand picked democrat show trial,” Trump Jr. said, linking to a Breitbart article discussing daughter Loren’s business with the Biden-Harris campaign.

“The BS never ends folks,” he added

“They are all hand picked… it is all pre-arranged. This corruption is on a different level,” wrote brother Eric Trump in a now-deleted tweet citing an article from the Gateway Pundit. It is presently unclear why Eric Trump deleted his tweet.

Both Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit’s articles featured images of Merchan’s daughter, though both sons posts appeared to be in reference to the stories within the articles.

Loren Merchan currently serves as the president and partner of Authentic Campaigns which runs digital campaigns for Democratic candidates, according to her LinkedIn account which appears to have been scrubbed following the Gateway Pundit’s initial reporting on the story.

“We partner with our clients to build award-winning online programs for progressive campaigns,” reads a statement from California representative Adam Schiff on the website’s testimonial page.

Clients for Authentic Campaigns include the Biden-Harris campaign, Corey Booker’s Senate Campaign, and Gavin Newsom for Governor among other progressive campaigns.

According to Loren’s archived LinkedIn page, she previously worked as the “Director of Digital Persuasion” for “Kamala Harris for the People” from February 2019 to December 2019.

Judge Merchan previously presided over a Trump-related case regarding the Trump Organization and former Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. Merchan declined to allow Trump Organization’s attorneys to accuse prosecutors of targeting the company out of animosity for the former president, CBS News reported.

“I will not allow you in any way to bring up a selective prosecution claim, or claim this is some sort of novel prosecution,” he reportedly said, adding he would “have very little patience at trial [for] any questions that are not in a good faith basis.”

During Trump’s speech from Mar-a-Lago last night, the former president referred to judge Merchan and family as “Trump Hating.”

“This is where we are right now,” the former president said. “I have a Trump hating judge with a Trump hating wife and a Trump hating family whose daughter worked for Kamala Harris, and now receives money from the Biden-Harris campaign.”

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