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Veteran County Prosecutor Slams George Gascon In Letter Before Departing Position

'Many Of Us Hoped ... That George Gascon Could Run A Government Office. He Made It Clear … That He Could Not' Said One Colleague

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon was slammed by a departing veteran County prosecutor in a letter obtained by Fox News Digital.

Prosecutor Mark Burnley, who has served the DA’s office since 1999, suggested Gascon’s progressive management and policies turned the office into a “managerial dumpster fire.”

“Until December 2020, I thought I had the best job in the world,” wrote Burnley. “I am constantly amazed by the expertise and knowledge of the DDAs in this office. They are deeply devoted and have a breathtaking amount of experience.”

“It’s a shame you cannot or will not recognize that,” the departing prosecutor added in his letter to Gascon and his top aides.

“Many of us hoped, like Mark Burnley, that George Gascon could run a government office,” said vice president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County Eric Siddall, echoing Bernley’s sentiment. “He made it clear, from the first minute of his administration, that he could not.”

“Nothing has changed since then,” Siddall continued. “Gascon and his cronies have made Southwest Airlines’ executive team look like a bunch of managerial geniuses. Dedicated public servants are leaving the office in record numbers. Interest in joining the office is at a historic low. And the people of Los Angeles are paying the price. Burnley is right: competence matters.”

“Fifteen minutes of basic legal research would have been more than enough to modify the policies to conform with the law,” Burnley said, detailing one Zoom meeting hosted by the District Attorney in which Gascon exhibited a “staggering lack of prosecutorial experience and knowledge.”

“For example, you seemed completely unaware of how your policies would impact hate crime and financial crime prosecutions,” Burnley’s letter continued. “The combination of arrogance and inexperience was obvious. … You have also shattered the personal and professional lives of scores of people who decided to devote their legal educations to public service.”

“Everything [Burnley] wrote was completely accurate and, unfortunately, completely true,” fellow colleague John Lewin told Fox News Digital. “From day one, George Gascon went in there, he had no experience as a line prosecutor. He had no desire to protect the public and he had no interest in trying to implement his policies in an intelligent and responsible way.”

“He is capturing the feeling of George Gascon trying to dismantle the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office,” he said. “He’s really trying to burn it down to the ground.”

The Los Angeles District Attorney has previously survived two recall attempts.

“Hopefully you will display more humility and less arrogance during the remainder of your term,” Burnley concluded. “What have you learned from the two recall efforts?  It takes courage and integrity to conduct an honest self-assessment; I doubt you’re up to the task.”

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