US Embassy in Madrid Says They Will Fly Black Lives Matter Flag From Anniversary of George Floyd's Death Until Juneteenth

By Cassandra Fairbanks

The US Embassy in Madrid has confirmed to that they will be flying a Black Lives Matter flag on their building until June 19.

The embassy responded to an inquiry about the flag from by saying that “the banner went up on May 25 and will be displayed through Juneteenth.”

President Joe Biden signed an order establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday on Thursday.

The flag was hoisted on the embassy on May 25, to honor George Floyd.

“To mark the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, and to stand in solidarity with members of Black communities in the United Statesand around the world, the U.S. Embassy in Madrid displayed a banner today on our building’s façade affirming that Black Lives Matter,” a statement posted to the embassy website read.

Upon raising the banner, Chargé d’Affaires Conrad Tribble said “Conversations about race are seldom easy, but they are important and necessary. On this sad anniversary, we must make a clear statement that every human being is entitled to live freely and without fear of discrimination or violence. The United States has a long history of dealing with traumas like this one by pushing forward positive change. As we do so, we must acknowledge the reality that the United States is still a work in progress and there is still much work to be done.”

Additionally, they wrote that “members of the Embassy community will participate in nine minutes and 29 seconds of silence to honor the lives of George Floyd and others who have suffered from racism. During this silent period, community members were invited to recommit to a shared purpose in advancing positive change together as individuals, as a diplomatic mission, and as a country.”

The embassy did not comment on our question about why they believe it to be appropriate for a US Embassy to promote a partisan political movement that caused so much violence in cities across the nation throughout the summer of 2020.

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19 responses to “US Embassy in Madrid Says They Will Fly Black Lives Matter Flag From Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death Until Juneteenth”

  1. Spider_Guard says:

    The end of the Bronze Age, World War I, and who knows what all else before- but they were turning points in history. History’s (George Carlin paraphrase) trajectory is not in a straight line- rather it tends to meander and fall back on itself.

    History doesn’t repeat itself, rather it tends to rhyme with the times (another paraphrase- “History never repeats itself but it rhymes,” said Mark Twain).

    The discussion of the fourth turning, Thucydides Trap et al (Taiwan/Chia, Russia/Europe, Iran/Israel, South Africa (race war), Cuba, global food shortages, our own political unrest, etc)- how close are we to this looming event?

    We are so divided- we as a people have nothing in common with the far fringes of either side, for those of us caught in the middle just want to love our country, be proud of the American dream, wave to our neighbors, and raise our families.

  2. Connecting Juneteenth to the death of George Floyd is the Marxist lie

  3. NobodyYouKnow says:

    That’ll fix everything. Hope everyone feels better. What a cheap gesture.

  4. ZedS says:

    So the U.S. government officially backs domestic terrorism, as long as it’s from democrats or democrat-aligned groups.

  5. Goofrump says:

    George Floyd was a criminal. I’m not a fan of arresting people on drug related issues as much as fraud, but the man held a pregnant woman at gunpoint as his friends rummaged through her belongings for drug money. That isn’t someone to honor. It’s someone to be pitied. Too many George Floyds among us who need help, and are being kept under heel by the very people calling for BLM banners and homage–big corps, governments, and sycophantic individuals.

    Virtue signaling is the basest form of ego on the planet. “Pride cometh before the fall,” as they say (KJV Prov. 16:18).

  6. Richbuscus says:

    Great Article!! Love seeing the return of actual journalism… 😀

  7. unspecialnoob says:

    Why should our embassies fly any flag other than the US flag and, possibly, the flag of the country in which the embassy resides? Our embassies are there to represent our country as a whole, not individual segments of it. I wouldn’t want them flying a Red Cross flag, or a BLM, or a Gadsden flag, or pride, or anything else.

  8. DorseyWoods says:

    WTAF? The great experiment in freedom, a constitutional republic still in it’s infancy, is flying flags of an ideology that directly contradicts what it represents. Our fallen are turning in their graves.
    Meanwhile, my coworkers are all in their feels with pride that our nation is representing “black lives” on the world stage (Don’t listen to me I’m just a conspiracy theorist… Ask any one of my coworkers).

  9. TheDarkworld says:

    Don’t we look stupid

  10. Baronhalt8 says:

    If i didn’t know that BLM is a commie organization hellbent on overthrowing our American way of life, and that they give zero f’s about black lives. Id be ok with this. Knowing what we know now, I’m not. It may be that these other countries have no idea the chaos BLM brought last summer.

  11. UppityG says:

    After I watched a Sidebar livestream by Viva Frei and Robert Barnes a couple of weeks ago with Amanda Milius as a guest, what I learned about the State Dept made me want to cut all funding and fire every single one of them. Talk about Rogue Deep State. Mix in that Spain is currently in the clutches of the PSOE Socialist party, and the feministas are all too happy to keep MeToo going, this doesn’t surprise me, but it does disgust me to the bone. Can you imagine the GOP flag flew on that Embassy Bldg instead? Or, “worse”, the Trump flag? Because that is essentially what ex-VP Xiden is doing.

  12. ellen3sons says:


  13. Turk_Longwell says:

    “” The embassy did not comment on our question about why they believe it to be appropriate for a US Embassy to promote a partisan political movement that caused so much violence in the cites across the nation throughout the summer of 2020. “”

  14. Turk_Longwell says:

    Cassandra, I love love this here…

  15. Turk_Longwell says:

    I Hate that they Honor Some Dude who did nothing good, like he fought for something, like he Helped his Community, and didn’t just Die from an Overdose*. That’s like Honoring Me because a cop “killed” me after I refused to get in and then fought my way out of the cop car, literally kicked a cop, and after I took a deadly dose of drugs… and I’ve done waaay more for my Community and my Country.
    Shoot, it wasn’t even a Racial Motivated Occurrence. This gets my Blood Boiling.
    Where are Veteran Flags? Where are the Gadsden Flags? Where are the POW Flags? Where are the AMERICAN Flags?
    The World sees us as Weak. They see the Divide. They see how One Political Party has become an Activist Party. They see how the Republicans are a bunch of Bitches who don’t “Fight like Hell” back.

  16. Stickywicket1977 says:

    thanks for the article!

  17. omegahunter9 says:

    I’m disturbed that our government could so easily become corrupted by identitarian ideology. The fact that the government is promoting the BLM flag on the anniversary of George’s death threatens the (ideally) unbiased nature of our judicial system as the sentencing for Chauvin is incomplete.

  18. Night_Coder says:

    The United States of America used to mean something. Used to stand for what’s right and freedom for all. It’s disheartening to see such a great and strong country bend the knee and submit to terrorists.

  19. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    George. Floyd. Wasn’t. Murdered.