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Ukrainian Influencer Pours Fake Blood on Herself at Cannes

Protests were banned in the vicinity of the event ahead of the festival

A social media fitness influencer from Ukraine was escorted off the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival after pouring fake blood on herself.

Ilona Chernobai wore a blue and yellow sweetheart neckline gown with a long train and high slit – seemingly in ode to her country which is currently at war with Russia. As she mounted the steps at the festival, she pulled two packets of fake blood from her cleavage and poured them over her head. 

Video of the incident shows a security guard moving toward her as she begins to tear the packets. 

Chernobai, who was one million followers on Instagram, was removed from the red carpet and escorted out of sight.

The protest took place during the premiere of the film Acide, by French film director Just Philippot,” noted the BBC on Instagram. “It is not currently known why the protester decided to target the Acide premiere.”

Chernobai posted a video of the incident on her profile with a lengthy caption in Ukraine. 

“I SUCCEEDED IN FULFILLING MY MISSION!” reads a translation of her caption. “I used my chance and with this act I reminded what is happening in Ukraine!!! …I am very glad that my act spread all over the world media! People should not forget about us!”

Chernobai said that “bloggers and producers of the occupiers are walking along the Cannes runway right now, presenting their films at the festival!!!” She added that she has been banned from the festival as well as “many other events” and expressed concern that her Instagram account was “under threat of deletion!”

The city of Cannes banned protests along the location of the festival, the Croisette, for the duration of the event, reports Variety

The Cannes Film Festival barred any delegation from Russia or anyone with a connection to the Kremlin from attending the event in 2022 unless the country ended its invasion of Ukraine.

Our thoughts go out in particular to the Ukrainian artists and film industry professionals, as well as their families whose lives are now in danger. There are those whom we’ve never met, and those whom we’ve come to know and welcomed to Cannes, who came with works that say much about Ukraine’s history and the present,” the organization said in a 2022 statement

“Loyal to its history that started in 1939 in resistance to the fascist and Nazi dictatorship, the Festival de Cannes will always serve artists and industry professionals that raise their voices to denounce violence, repression and injustices, for the main purpose to defend peace and liberty,” the organization added.

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