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Two NYPD Officers Shot in the Line of Duty Within 36 Hours, Mayor Vows Crackdown on Crime

Two officers with the New York Police Department were shot in the line of duty within 36 hours this week; raising new questions over safety and security in the nation’s biggest metropolis.

“Another New York City police officer was reportedly shot early Thursday in the borough of Staten Island, marking the second officer shot in the line of duty in the Big Apple in the past 36 hours,” reports Fox News. “An officer was shot around 6 a.m. Thursday in the 80th block of Rockne Street in Staten Island, Fox 5 NY reported. Additional officers responded to a 911 call about the shooting, according to the outlet.”


Recently sworn-in Mayor Eric Adams vowed to make public safety the cornerstone of his administration following Bill de Blasio’s tenure in office.

“What is it going to take before we finally realize that we are endangering the lives of children by allowing children to carry guns that they are using on children,” Adams asked at a press conference.

“I’ve been privileged to lead the NYPD for 18 days, and it is the second time I’ve had to come to the hospital for an officer shot,” added NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell. “It underscores there are too many illegal guns on the streets of New York City, and all too often those who are carrying them are young.”

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3 responses to “Two NYPD Officers Shot in the Line of Duty Within 36 Hours, Mayor Vows Crackdown on Crime”

  1. Donkish says:

    Keeping NYC safe!?!?!


    Good job to the fine sheeple residing in the formerly greatest city.

    At least any new gang member that runs across the boarder can go there and vote to further defund the police.


  2. HerrDoktor says:

    They need to capture and interrogate the gun that did this!!
    It’s probably one of those undocumented firearms that sneaked into this country because of Obama’s actions.
    We need to get that gun off the streets and off welfare. It’s probably immersed in a culture where gun lives don’t matter and it has to shoot people just to carve out its place in society. It might even be one of those 9mm pistols that identifies as a 45, and all it needs is a barrel conversion kit to complete its transition. Gun affirmation surgery is a human right!!

  3. shadowedshadow says:

    There’s a lot of something on the streets of NYC causing crimes and it’s not illegal guns.

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