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Twitter Disables Retweeting Kyle Rittenhouse's Mother Complaining About Her Son's Supporters Being Censored

Twitter has disabled the retweet function on a tweet from Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother, in which she condemned Big Tech censorship of her son.

The social media company has not censored libelous claims or violent fantasies against him from those who believe that the teenager is guilty.

On Friday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a screenshot of Wendy Rittenhouse’s tweet and wrote “Twitter has disabled the RT button on #KyleRittenhouse’s mother’s tweet telling about extreme censorship.”

“Communism in America is real,” Greene continued. “If we don’t fit their narrative, the left works together to make us disappear.”

“You can’t erase us, we out number you,” the congresswoman asserted. “And I won’t back down.”

In the censored Tweet, Wendy Rittenhouse wrote, “the media & many who know better viciously lied about my son from he start. Tech companies tried to crush & deplatform @freekyleusa over 20x, often w/o explanation.”

“We are facing tremendous expenses to help Kyle win this case & could use your help,” she continued, linking to a donation page.

Wendy’s account has since been set to private.

The mother’s plea for help was censored, yet tweets asserting the teenagers guilt or wishing him harm remain active.

For example, Ilhan Omar had once tweeted that Rittenhouse is a “domestic terrorist” and that he “executed two people.”

“A domestic terrorist executed two people, and according to Tucker and his supporters this is ‘maintaining order.’ Their murderous rants have inspired many mass shooters and now they aren’t even trying to distance themselves from it, they are excusing it. God help us,” Rep. Omar wrote, without censorship.

A radio host named Tara Dublin posted sick fantasies about the teenager being raped in prison, her account also remains uncensored.

Closing arguments in the trial are scheduled to begin on Monday.

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7 responses to “Twitter Disables Retweeting Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mother Complaining About Her Son’s Supporters Being Censored”

  1. Martin9 says:

    80% 0f Twitter and Facebook users are humanless bot accounts anyways. Zuck used to drug women in high school and college.

  2. TomJustTom says:

    Joseph Goebbles and Edward Bernays would be so proud of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg.

  3. CNN_sucks says:

    don’t do twatter. dont know why tim identify himself as lefty. leftists are evil.

  4. MisterRepublic says:

    Deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts a long time ago.

  5. nrol34 says:

    The longer he is on trial, the darker his skin gets. He looks like a Mexican now. His skin is darker than those he shot. I’m expecting Rittenhouse to have a perm and a darker tan before the end.

  6. prcntm says:

    How long do you think Twitter will be able to continue to censor people and not bleed users? At some point, they’re going to scare away new or current users simply because the platform is so volatile to dissenting opinion. People will naturally reach for an alternative that won’t try to silence them for not falling in line. There will be those who have no problem using Twitter because their views will align with whoever the hell is setting the narrative, but eventually Twitter as a platform will just become a giant echo chamber, a digital cult.

  7. TuckR8 says:

    The irony of Twitter censoring posts about censorship is just unbelievable. Why does anybody still use that cesspool of hatred anyways?