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Trump Says He Doesn't Know Who Awarded Fauci With A Presidential Commendation

The Former Director Of The NIAID Was Awarded A Presidential Commendation For Operation Warp Speed On Trump's Last Day In Office

Former President Donald Trump said he didn’t know who awarded former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Anthony Fauci with a Presidential Commendation for Operation Warp Speed.

Trump comment occurred during a new interview with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly on her podcast The Megyn Kelly Show which aired on SiriusXM.

Kelly questioned the former President on his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, referencing Trump’s previous claim that he couldn’t fire Fauci due to backlash from critics.

Trump responded, “I also said I didn’t listen to him too much.”

Kelly countered Trump by citing his follow up claim that he couldn’t fire the former NIAID director because he was a “civil servant.”

“Not only did you not fire Fauci, who is loathed by many, many millions of Republicans in particular, but also some Democrats,” Kelly said, claiming Trump made Fauci a “star.”

Kelly said critics of the former President claim Trump made Fauci the “face” of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

“He was out at every presser … he was running herd for the administration on Covid,” Kelly said, also noting Trump awarded the former NIAID director with a Presidential Commendation before leaving office. “Wouldn’t you like a do-over on that?”

“I don’t know who gave him the commendation,” Trump responded. “I wouldn’t have done it.”


Kelly reiterated her statement by saying “it’s a presidential commendation,” which Trump also awarded General Mark Milley.

“Somebody probably handed him a commendation,” Trump responded, countering Fauci was “very important in the Biden administration” and “much less” important during his own time in office.

Trump said he overrode Fauci’s recommendation to stop travel from China into the United States due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus.

“[Fauci] didn’t want to stop China, he wanted to let everyone come into the country,” Trump said. “I overrode many of the things he did.”

Trump also cited the United States’ federalist system of government wherein Democratic and Republican governors controlled lockdowns in their states.

A clip of the interview was shared to X and received a community note claiming Trump’s response was “disingenuous.”

“On his last day in office, Trump awarded a Presidential Commendation to Fauci in recognition of his ‘exceptional efforts’ on Operation Warp Speed,” reads X’s community note linking to an archived article that lists recipients of Trump’s Presidential Commendations for Operation Warp Speed.

“President Donald J. Trump awarded Presidential Commendations to the below individuals in recognition of their exceptional efforts on Operation Warp Speed,” reads the official White House archive including Fauci and Milley along with White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx among others.

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