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Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Has Been On Paid Leave Since August — Despite Supply Chain Crisis

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been on paid leave since mid-August amid the ongoing supply chain crisis.

Buttigieg faced backlash on Wednesday for a joke he made about the supply chain shortages impacting holiday shopping.

“I think there have always been two kinds of Christmas shoppers,” he said during an interview with CNN. “There’s the ones who have all their list completed by Halloween, and then there’s people like me who show up at the mall on Christmas Eve…if you’re in that latter bucket, obviously there’s going to be more challenges.”

It turns out, according to a report from Politico, that Buttigieg has been on paid leave as cargo ships have been unable to dock and stock in stores continues to dwindle.

“While U.S. ports faced anchor-to-anchor traffic and Congress nearly melted down over the president’s infrastructure bill in recent weeks, the usually omnipresent Transportation secretary was lying low,” Politico reported. “They didn’t previously announce it, but Buttigieg’s office told West Wing Playbook that the secretary has actually been on paid leave since mid-August to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their two newborn babies.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation said that Buttigieg has been “mostly offline” and will “continue to take some time over the coming weeks.”

“For the first four weeks, he was mostly offline except for major agency decisions and matters that could not be delegated,” the spokesperson said. “He has been ramping up activities since then.” As he does that, Buttigieg will “continue to take some time over the coming weeks to support his husband and take care of his new children,” the spokesperson added.

Moody’s Analytics warns that the supply chain disruptions “will get worse before they get better,” according to a report from the Daily Wire.

“As the global economic recovery continues to gather steam, what is increasingly apparent is how it will be stymied by supply-chain disruptions that are now showing up at every corner,” this week’s report said. “Border controls and mobility restrictions, unavailability of a global vaccine pass, and pent-up demand from being stuck at home have combined for a perfect storm where global production will be hampered because deliveries are not made in time, costs and prices will rise and GDP growth worldwide will not be as robust as a result.”

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9 responses to “Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Has Been On Paid Leave Since August — Despite Supply Chain Crisis”

  1. Cleffy says:

    Most imports to Long Beach and LA are shipped out of the port by rail to processing facilities out of state due to CARB restrictions on SemiTrucks.

  2. UppityG says:

    Also: PLEASE! Let Bootygig stay on “paternity” leave. If he tries to “help” he’ll only make it worse.

    The scariest words you’ll ever hear from any govt employee: I’m from the govt and I’m here to help.

  3. UppityG says:


  4. UppityG says:

    Hear, hear. We must reinvigorate our local economies which will force the big box and big tech oligarchs to come to us with hat in hand. We have to stop being slaves to convenience and cheap goods. If we’re going to stop globalization, which is really centralization, which is what govtS and multi-national companies want very much because it accrues to them both more money and power, aka fascism, we have to control our impulses and personal greed.

    Whenever anyone appeals to your greed or your fear, DO NOT do the following: vote, make a purchase or demand new security laws. First, at least sleep on it. Consult more information sources, not less, and not your usual go-to’s. When in doubt, do without.

    And esp do without whoever it is who tried to scare you or tempt you into doing/not doing anything as soon as possible, right now, quick, before X happens. If you’re being rushed, it’s because they don’t want you to have time to consider all the ramifications or details.

    And the devil is in the details.

  5. pandusa says:

    I agree. Previously, the corporations/ service providers made products/provided services and we patronized them. Now, they think they can tell us how it is going to be . They have abused their money and power. Monopoly ain’t just a Parker Brothers game, and we need to show them they don’t control the board. Defund the oligarchs. The dollar started it and the dollar can stop it. Boycott? NO, this is give somebody else a chance. A good place to start is your local businesses.

  6. rottingvermin says:

    It really doesn’t help that people use Amazon. It’s a complete waste of resources. Instead of delivering parcels, FedEx,UPS and USPS are delivering what should be considered freight. Turn the ships around. Buy American.

  7. pandusa says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought the whole administration was on leave/vacation.

  8. nukedaddy777 says:

    What is the REAL ROOT CAUSE?

    I believe it to be the fact that with Biden in, the floodgates of cheap Chinese products including FOOD have been opened – and now shipping can’t keep up. What about American workers? What about jobs and factories? What about industry?

    And our “Agriculture Department” is PAYING farmers to destroy crops! Why?

    At some juncture the criminals who have been running this nation into the ground are going to be called to account, and it won’t be pretty. Or we will simply accept our cross – because to become like “them” is a far worse fate than starvation.

  9. Robbylightspeed says:

    Why is everyone criticizing secretary
    Pete Buttigieg for his handling of the supply chain crisis? Don’t they know that he is gay?