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Tim Pool and His Viewers Donate $50k To Tim Ballard's Spear Fund Combating Child Sex-Trafficking

'I Would Rather Spend Money Knowing That Money Went To Saving A Single Child's Life'

Founder and CEO of Timcast Media Tim Pool and his viewers donated over $50k to Tim Ballard’s Spear Fund during a Thursday episode of Timcast IRL.

The Spear Fund is a new organization founded by former DHS agent Ballard, who is the focal point and inspiration of the film Sound of Freedom.

Sound of Freedom, released through Angel Studios, is inspired by Ballard’s experience rescuing trafficked children through Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), which Ballard founded in 2013. The film depicts his previous work with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on the International Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) and a subsequent 2014 sting operation with O.U.R. in Cartagena, Colombia after leaving DHS.

Towards the finale of Thursday’s episode, Pool announced he would donate the entirety of his YouTube super chat revenue to the Spear Fund, along with an additional $10k towards Angel Studio’s “pay-it-forward” program providing complimentary tickets to viewers under financial hardship to garner more attention for the film’s message.

Guests Ballard and Sound of Freedom producer Eduardo Verástegui thanked him for his generosity as Verástegui detailed the importance of Pool’s donation.

“There’s a lot of families that are listening to interviews … they have four [or] five children,” Verástegui said. “They cannot afford to bring everyone to the experience.”

“‘Sound of Freedom’ is a cinematic experience … you cannot see that on TV or on social media. Film is different. Film can change your life.”

“Because of your generosity … thousands of people will go and see the film for free,” Verástegui said. “We’re saving lives right there.”

Verástegui noted the film’s grassroots movement was growing as legacy media were being pressured to address the film’s success.

“We’re gonna show the movie regardless,” Verástegui said noting Sound of Freedom was scheduled for screening on July 25th at former president Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf club in New Jersey.

“That’s powerful because you’re gonna have Congress from both sides, Republicans and Democrats … they’re gonna see the film and a panel with Jim [Caviezel] and myself,” he continued. “Can you imaging moving the hearts of the most important decision makers in the world?”

“The only reason why they’re doing that is because of the success of the film,” he continued. “Sound of Freedom is changing the culture. It’s saving lives. And it’s inspiring so many people to become ambassadors of freedom.”

Shortly after Pool announced his decision to donate super chat revenue, viewers began pouring in donations to his YouTube show.

The influx of donations prompted Pool to note viewers could directly donate to the Spear Fund on their own, but instead he would double their contribution.

“Whatever you guys do in super chats, by the end of the show, I’m gonna match it,” Pool said.

“I was just thinking, why should I ask people to give me money for my show and then just give it to you when they could do that themselves,” Pool said. “I’ll match it one-for-one.”

“That’s a movement right there,” Verástegui said, noting the influx of viewers super chatting the show in real time. “Who’s gonna stop this movement, brother? Nobody.”

During Pool’s aftershow, Timcast IRL Uncensored, Pool revealed the show had received over $24k in super chats saying he would write a check for $50k.

“What do I do with the success of this company and this show?” Pool asked, adding he employs people he believes in. “We’re producing things we think will make a positive impact. We’re investing in cultural endeavors, new shows.”

Pool noted the “moral path” of the country has been negative, saying it was one reason he enjoyed Sound of Freedom.

“What I see with Sound of Freedom is an opportunity to win the culture war,” he continued. “The success of this film, a well made film … this is our opportunity to strike and win.”

“I would rather spend money knowing that money went to saving a single child’s life than to have another car or something or something like this.”

Along with the $50k towards the Spear Fund, Pool also donated a total of $11,250 towards Angel Studio’s “pay-it-forward” ticket program.

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