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The United Nations and California Discuss Reparations

The UN debate on a global stage mirrors the discussion taking place in California 

The U.N. human rights chief wants countries across the globe to do more to end racism and make amends for violence and discrimination against people of African descent.

In a novel report published in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minnesota, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet examined the treatment of Africans and African-descended people over history, primarily in relation to the transatlantic slave trade.

“The report, a year in the making, hopes to build on momentum around the recent, intensified scrutiny worldwide about the blight of racism and its impact on people of African descent as epitomized by the high-profile killings of unarmed Black people in the United States and elsewhere,” says AP News

The report is based on conversations with 340 people, the majority of whom are of African descent, as well as experts, according to the Human Rights Council. It reviewed 190 deaths, mostly in the U.S., and asserted that law enforcement is rarely prosecuted or punished for the mistreatment of people of African descent.

Bachelet, the former president of Chile, commended Black Lives Matter for its “grassroots leadership through listening to communities” and urged that the organization receive “funding, public recognition and support.”

The report also noted similar concerns for other countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Colombia, and France.

Mona Rishmawi, who heads a unit on non-discrimination for the Human Rights Commissioner, called the study’s findings “untenable.”

“We could not find a single example of a state that has fully reckoned with the past or comprehensively accounted for the impacts of the lives of people of African descent today,” she said.

The report calls for apologies, “truth-telling” and reparations, which Rishmawi says can take place at the “collective and the individual level.”

The report says “a main part of the problem is that many people believe the misconceptions that the abolition of slavery, the end of the transatlantic trade and colonialism have removed the racially discriminatory structures built by those practices.”

Leaders from Africa (South Africa and Cameroon) to the Caribbean (Saint Kitts & Nevis and Saint Lucia) were joined by representatives of countries that are unlikely to be tapped to pay up — Cuba and Malaysia among them — in explicitly endorsing the creation of reparation systems,” reports ABC News.

ABC notes that the United States, Britain, Germany and other developed nations were not a part of the discussion on reparations. 

While we acknowledge that the wounds run very deep, we believe that the most effective way for the U.K. today to respond to the cruelty of the past is to ensure that current and future generations do not forget what happened, and to address modern-day slavery and racism,” the U.K. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said in a statement.

Domestically, forms of reparations are being debated by government commissions.

As part of California’s Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans, Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber said the task force and reparations would “heal the injustices of the past and present with tangible action.”

At a virtual meeting on September 24, Weber argued that education at every grade level should be free to African American students in the state, regardless of their socio-economic status. 

“University of California should be free to every black person in California, period,” she said. “I think you have to do those kinds of things that are bold. Every black child in California that’s born should basically be going to preschool, because they have to catch up for themselves and their mother who didn’t go.”

She added: “This 400-year challenge is not going to be solved in 400 days. It’s going to take much more than that and a commitment from the state of California, the fifth-largest economy in the world, to make it happen.”

Weber would not speculate about a price tag and noted that multiple generations may need to be compensated to offset the effects of slavery.

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  1. nrol34 says:

    Globalists are elitists; nationalists are workers. The Left sucks up to whoever gives them attention and money. The elitists through the Ford Foundation, Koch Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Kellog Foundation, Open Society Foundation, fund BLM, the DAs who want social justice, Blackwithnochaser and many others. When the time comes, the Utilitarian technocratic elites will throw the BIPOCs under the bus. They want workers who get along in society, not someone who does not respect authority, mainly white authority.

  2. Teckles says:

    Lmaooooo! Great idea

  3. chickens.forever says:

    Great idea… All that free money in the system. Wife and I would open a gold chain & gold tooth store, corner BBQ in da hood, Cadillac dealership, over priced sneaker / clothing store and last but not least one of them “echo chamber” rap recording studios where every one of these entitled morons would be spending money like water on their new “rap” careers!!!! 6 months and dey allz be brokez and the wife and I would be RICH!

  4. PhatJimmy says:

    They want to accelerate the fire and cause civil war.

    The globalist left are bastards.

  5. nrol34 says:

    My parents came from Germany and Austria to the US in 1949. My father was from Germany, and my mother was from Austria. They went to school till the 4th grade. My mother lived on a farm which they had to leave, and it was about 150 Acres. My father lived on a farm in what is now Poland and had to leave their farm. They were displaced people in Germany.

    They remember the war’s end quite well because the Allies were starving the German people to death. My mother and father said they only got enough calories to survive. My father was in the English zone in 1946, and because of the treatment, the people hated the English. Communism became popular, and the English knew something had to be done. Hence the Marshall Plan in 1947, which gave some aid to the German.

    My Grandfather was lost in the battle of Budapest, and a governess near Vienna took in my mother’s family. The Governess had forced sex with a Russian Colonel who was a doctor. The Colonel stopped the Russian soldiers from raping my mother’s family. She was sure they would have been raped. I spoke to a Polish man and he said that the Russian soldier was an animal and it was known that they had sex with sheep, when no woman was around.

    My Father and Mother’s family came to the US because they had jobs offered to them and a family that sponsored them. My grandmother worked as a dishwasher in an Allentown, PA city, and my father worked on a farm in Wisconsin till the Army drafted him in 1954. My father came to the US in 1953, and my Uncles came in 1955 on my father’s side.

    They wanted my uncle to serve in the Army on entry to the US. My Uncle Gus was in the 1st SS division Adolf Hitler division (Liebstandarte) and, after surrendering to the British evading Russian capture during the Battle of Berlin, surrendered to the English. He earned repatriation by being in the French Foreign Legion serving in Algeria. A General finally said that he did not have to join the Army; repatriation from the French was enough. Even though he could have been a brutal killer, he lived a peaceful life in a modest suburban home. Note that many of his friends went to SE Asia in the Legion and were part of the Dien Bien Phu disaster in Vietnam.

    To make a long story short, they worked menial jobs, then got better jobs, saved, bought a row home in Allentown, and then bought a Ranch or Bi-Level by, 1967 or 1969, all of our families lived in the suburbs of Allentown. Had they come in 1980 when things started to go south, I don’t think they would have made it out of Allentown.

    Almost every European immigrant family I know had good jobs, could speak English with a heavy accent, and were good upstanding citizens. The African Americans have been here for 400 years and never made it. They lived on a street called Lawrence St in Allentown, which was known for crime. Lawrence street was demolished, in 1965, and Hanover Acres or Cumberland Gardens, section 8 housing, accepted these people. There were always police there.

    There must be more of a reason these people don’t make it. I know Indians, Asians, and Puerto Ricans from the Bronx that succeeded. We lived in the suburbs across from an African American Family. The kids all got into crack cocaine in the 1980s and went to jail. The family, despite the father’s hard work at Service Electric Cable, disappeared.

    We lost our farms to the Russians; I’ll be damned if we lose our houses to this rabble.

  6. pandusa says:

    Yo ! You f-in UN hypocrites. How about reparations from China for forced organ harvesting of the Uighurs, Falun Gong and God only knows who/what else goes on in those concentration camps ? HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATIONS ! How about reparations for a world wide pandemic? You sit there on you sanctimonious asses with your nose up CHINA’S and do nothing ! Then, Greta Thunblab runs her teenage mouth to the UN about climate change (China being #1 polluter ) while you turn your heads to GENOCIDE. But, evil minds like the UN and China think alike don’t they? Decrease the population AGENDA 21. Climate Change? Maybe the Most High has had ENOUGH of mankind…again.

  7. PrimoVictor says:

    Terrible idea