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Steve Scalise Announces Speaker Run

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan Also Announced His Bid For Speaker Of The House

Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise officially announced he will run for Speaker of the House.

On Wednesday, Scalise sent a letter to House Republicans warning of problems plaguing Americans under President Joe Biden.

“Americans cannot afford life’s daily expenses, and for many the American Dream is getting further out of reach,” the Majority Leader wrote. “Our debt will cripple our grandchildren. Our border is wide open and must be secured. Our energy supply is being willingly depleted.”

Scalise criticized open border policies championed by the Biden administration and commented on a surge in crime and the destruction of cities.

“Every state is now a border state, with millions of unvetted illegal immigrants being shipped across the country, robbing social services meant for hard-working citizens,” he continued. “The rule of law is in doubt; the Justice Department is weaponized to target political enemies and shield allies.”

“Our standing around the world is in question, and there is no accountability for the decisions that allowed 13 of our soldiers to be killed in the failed surrender of Afghanistan,” he said.

The Majority Leader said the Republican conference was a family to him and detailed the 2017 Congressional Baseball game shooting in Alexandria, Virginia in which six people were shot, including then-House Majority Whip Scalise.

“When I made it to the hospital and my family was told my chances of surviving were low, it was the prayers from all of you that carried us through,” he wrote. “I was often asked why after nearly losing my life because of this job I would want to go back. But it was never a question for me: I love this country, and I believe we were sent here to come together and solve the immense challenges we face.”

Scalise hinted at his August diagnosis of blood cancer known as multiple myeloma and said although he faced new challenges, he felt even stronger in his convictions than before.

“Now, more than ever, we must mend the deep wounds that exist within our Conference and focus on our objectives so we can get back to work for the millions of people who are counting on us,” the Majority Leader wrote. “It is with that sense of responsibility and purpose that I am seeking the Conference’s nomination for Speaker of the House.”

“You know my leadership style I’ve displayed as your Majority Leader and Whip,” he continued. “I have a proven track record of bringing together the diverse array of viewpoints within our Conference to build consensus where others thought it impossible.”

Scalise praised accomplishments of the 118th Congress and urged House Republicans to come together and “pull in the same direction” to get the country back on track.

“While we need to be realistic about what can be achieved, if we stay united, we can preserve leverage for the House to secure tangible wins in our impending policy fights,” he continued. “The task before us is not without its challenges, but I believe in this Conference and our ability to come together and achieve great things.”

“This next chapter won’t be easy, but I know what it takes to fight and I am prepared for the battles that lie ahead,” Scalise concluded. “I humbly ask you for your support on this mission to be your Speaker of the House.”

Fellow House Republican Jim Jordan also formally announced his bid for Speaker of the House on Wednesday.

“We are at a critical crossroad in our nation’s history,” Jordan wrote in a letter to House Republicans. “Now is the time for our Republican conference to come together to keep our promises to Americans.”

Other House Republicans have nominated former President Trump for Speakership, though Trump appeared to turn down the offer citing his primary focus on the 2024 presidential run.

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