Spotify Appears to Have Banned a Song From Popular Christian Conservative Rappers Bryson Gray and Patriot J

By Cassandra Fairbanks

Spotify appears to have banned a new song from popular Christian conservative rappers Bryson Gray and Patriot J.

Gray is best known for his viral songs Trump is Your President, Gun Totin’ Patriot and Maga Steppin’. Patriot J’s popular tracks include Enemy of the People (Don Lemon Diss) and Thought Criminal.

The collaboration between the two was apparently too edgy for the music streaming platform. The song that has been removed is called “Safe Space” and is track four on Gray’s new album Bold as a Lion: Season One.

Ironically, the first line of the song is: “they might ban me for the song, ayy, but this is how I’m rockin’.” 

They weren’t kidding. The song lyrics are guaranteed to offend many people and would likely be a Terms of Service violation on nearly every mainstream social media platform. 

The track holds nothing back as the duo raps about how transgender people “need a mental asylum,” state there are only two genders, mocks people who are overweight that claim they are concerned about their health during COVID, says the election was stolen, and much more.

“They would ban me if I tweeted everything in this verse

But I would get a Grammy if I wore a dress and a purse

They want every black man to be like Don Lemon, it hurts

They only love us when we Mike Brown, dead in the dirt

If you like BLM and you watch CNN, then you braindead

Probably wear a mask in the bed”

The song is still currently available on YouTube and iTunes.

Other songs on the album, including “No Mask No Vax” and “MAGA Hat Still On” were not censored as of Tuesday morning.

When contacted by Gray, Spotify claimed that the song was not banned and that it was likely an issue with his browser. The company claimed that they could play the song on their end. independently confirmed that the song was not playable during this time, on any type of device, and it was still not playable by Tuesday morning. When users open the album it is the only song greyed out and unclickable on the playlist.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It was probably just a rogue agent or something. I’m the most hated person on Tik Tok right now,” Gray told

“Remember y’all, you can rap about anything you want except going against the lgbt. You can rap about your vagina to children all day, you can rap about popping pills, you can rap about doing crime…but not the forbidden topic,” Gray tweeted.

“Let a n-gga make a song glorifying death and drugs and that shit will hit #1 on the charts, but if you mess around and rap about traditional values and expose truths and they will BAN YOU! Wow,” Patriot J wrote.

It is important to note that Eazy-E’s ‘Nobody Move’ is still available on Spotify. The controversial song is about attempting to rape and ultimately murder a transgender person when they realize their biological sex.

Here are a portion of the lyrics:

“I said: ‘Lay down, and unbutton your bra!’

There was the biggest t-tties that a n-gga ever saw 

I said: ‘Damn’, then the air got thinner

Only thought in my mind, was goin’ up in her

The suspense was makin’ me sick

She took her panties down and the b-tch had a d-ck 

I said: ‘Damn’, dropped the gat from my hand

(What I thought was a b-tch, was nothing but a man)

Put the gat to his legs, all the way up his skirt

Because this is one f-ggot that I had to hurt, so”

Speaking to, Patriot J said that he thinks “the ban just proves that our fundamental freedoms are dying on a daily basis.”

“The globalists are hungry for power and as they’re giving us our right to travel freely back they’re utilizing big tech to continually attack our right to freely speak,” he continued. “You should always have the right to make an offensive rap song in America.”

The ban may cause a conundrum for the left, who have traditionally defended the right to free expression in art and music. It will be interesting to watch the reaction from those who mocked the right for being upset about the Lil Nas X music video in which he gave Satan a lap dance — or of course, WAP from Cardi B.

As Out Magazine pointed out during the Lil Nas X outrage, censorship should never be the answer. 

“If you don’t want your children listening to Lil Nas X … maybe just tell them to not?” Out Magazine’s report suggested.

Rolling Stone published a piece in 2020 titled “The Conservative Crusade Against ‘Wet-Ass P-ssy,’” in which they pointed out; “luckily for Cardi and Megan, outrage is by far the most powerful currency in the modern music market.” 

It is pretty likely that we will soon be seeing if that statement holds true, because if there was ever a song certain to stoke outrage, it is most definitely “Safe Space. has reached out to Spotify with several questions and will update this story if a response is provided.

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