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SOCIAL(ISM) MEDIA: Twitter Covers for Communists, Says Cuba Protests Really About ‘COVID’

Social media giant Twitter and its top executives found themselves under fire Monday for their botched handling of pro-democracy protests sweeping Communist Cuba; dismissing the freedom marches as an effort to bring “awareness” to COVID-19.


“surreal but not surprising @twitter says this all about COVID ‘awareness’ in #Cuba Ignores this is really about how socialism is a disaster & always leads to tyranny, despair & suffering,” posted Senator Marco Rubio on the social network.

“Yes, COVID cases are hitting an all time high on the island, but we are demanding an end to the communist dictatorship,” wrote another activist.

Twitter’s summary of the events reads as follows: “People are helping to spread awareness on the impact of COVID-19 in Cuba as cases hit an all-time high in the country.”

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