Doctor Blames White Supremacy for Minority Vaccination Hesitation on MSNBC

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

Dr. Chris Pernell told MSNBC’s The Cross Connection that white supremacy was behind the anti-vaccination sentiment in minority communities.

The news network’s anchor Tiffany Cross had Pernell on her show on Saturday to talk about national vaccination rates, which have declined in recent weeks despite the online push for #HotVaxSummer.

The doctor, who works as a senior executive at New Jersey hospital, acknowledged that African Americans are statistically unlikely to get the COVID-19 vaccination. According to data from the CDC, less than 10% of black, non-Hispanic people in the United States have received at least one dose of the vaccination. This is a higher population percentage in comparison to Asian-Americans (6.1%). However, it is significantly less than both the White and Hispanic populations, at 59.2% and 15.9% respectively.

This disparity has been attributed to a plethora of factors. ‘Vaccine hesitancy,’ or reluctance or refusal to get vaccinated, is disregarded as a sufficient explanation by many academics. University professors Ryan Lindsay and Elisa Sobo argue insufficient internet access, unreliable transportation, and lack of information are the real obstacles for minority communities.

Pernell, however, blames another culprit for the low minority vaccination rates.

Of the anti-vaxxer movement, she told Cross “I actually see that as another example of the proliferation of white supremacy. Because in particular, they are targeting communities of color…And they are targeting the historical injustices, the atrocity, that communities of color have experienced, as a way to play on their vulnerabilities. You have people who have questions. You have people unfortunately who have become susceptible to the conspiracy theories.”

In addition to her race related comments on TV, Prenell has previously blamed President Trump for anti-vaccination sentiment.

In late 2020, after her 78-year-old father died of COVID-19, she signed up for the Moderna vaccination trial. She expressed concern to Public Radio East about the public’s attitude toward the potential vaccination. At the time, she said “We can’t begin to demonize or to create stigma around that skepticism, especially in Black and Brown communities because it will backfire on us.”

Then she penned an op-ed for CNN in October of 2020 that claimed President Donald Trump “spit on his grave” after he tweeted “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” At the time, Trump was returning to the White House after being Treated for the coronavirus at Walter Reed Hospital.

“He puts at risk millions who still look to him for guidance and credible information. He positions the White House at odds with the medical community. And, he routinely opts for political theater — using his surrogates as props in a deadly web of pseudo-science and distortions,” wrote Pernell.

During the MSNBC segment, Dr. Pernell did not give any specifics on how supposed white supremacists convinced minorities to forgo the vaccination. Tiffany Cross did not ask her to explain the claim and praised her for putting her answer “in the proper perspective.”

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24 responses to “Doctor Blames White Supremacy for Minority Vaccination Hesitation on MSNBC”

  1. dr_talos says:

    I am a doc…ER…I treat Covid regularly. This is just another mouth piece doc who has not damn idea what the fuck she is talking about. She clearly suggests wearing a regular mask will somehow prevent you from getting sick!!!! They never did! No one who knew wtf they were talking about suggested they did. They help reduce the chance YOU will infect someone else.
    As far as the vaccination…she seems to understand that they do not stop all infection w Covid….she mentions they “limit severity” and is of course full on recommending them during a raging pandemic. She keeps reminding us she is a “dept of health official”. She is just a dumb ass. That is what she is by nature. Mass vaccinating people during a Pandemic with a non sterilizing vaccine . which all of these are…is the best way TO CREATE NEW VARIANTS. I believe that is the whole point behind this ill advised push. This will create the need for yearly vaccines and ensure a trillion dollar annual revenue for the Pharm industry. This this dumb ass has to go even a step further and be a racist dumb ass. She alleges its “white supremacy” causing low vaccination rates among blacks. Like of course…blacks could NEVER make a decision on their own…they are just poor pitiful morons easily pushed to and fro by others. Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations.

  2. TheOneTheyNeverSaw says:

    This video is hard to watch.

  3. Zeknix says:

    Freedom requires individual choice. Seeking medical advice from docs should be taken with a grain of salt. Understand the doc’s motivations in pushing meds through understanding their

  4. Ixzaran says:

    When a poc thinks for themselves it’s because of white supremacy. Stop thinking for yourselves and let white supremacy tell you what to do, because you can’t think for yourselves.

  5. cecilbill says:

    It would be nice to find a leftist who could exhibit even a modicum of intellectual consistency.

  6. IntegratedCrazy says:

    Someone should tell doctor racism that blacks are thinking for themselves and whitey isn’t oppressing them.

  7. Wolv256 says:

    I don’t think I’m superior, I just think you suck.

  8. Wolv256 says:

    I legit have three tubes of the stuff

  9. larry_fine says:

    Well to be fair is was Cuomo and Biden who were the biggest anti-vaccine voices last fall, and these two are white supremacist racists.

  10. Dandyman says:

    Horse paste here, get ya horse paste here

  11. JRizzo says:

    Par for the course on that rag. Thankfully people are waking up to the trash these idiots spout.

  12. Jtownsiv says:

    When these people talk my head simply explodes. Of course its white supremacy. White supremacy is the culprit of all the world’s woes. Inner tribal areas of a continent butchering each other well must be whiteness.

  13. Pretty easy to tell when people are talking out their ass…

  14. EB440 says:

    These people are idiots and deserve the hell of their own making thats building the in the following 3 years.

  15. coldwater says:

    APA and AMA totally infected with woke ideology. You don’t need to even look past they way they sign off on tranny surgeries or gender nullification AKA the “smothie procedure” to understand what is going on. Fun fact, you can go to a doctor in Palo Alto and have your package removed as an “outpatient procedure”.

  16. Cat_R_Pillar says:

    I’m pretty sure he specifically says not to listen to “TV doctors” or take political advice over medical advice. If this is your doctor, maybe think about getting a second opinion.

  17. MontyLalado says:

    This is the doctor Tim wants you to ask for medical advice

  18. A.J. says:

    Great. More doctors with brain rot. Just what we need…

  19. Scootouchard says:

    They don’t make doctors like they used to. MSNBC and the rest of the fake new Mainstream Media are the ones actively killing people.

  20. John3667 says:

    I find it very disturbing that a poc doktor tells the poc’s of the usa aren’t understanding sceince enough to get the vaccin. Brutaly racist in my eyes

  21. roflo1804 says:

    Another average 85 IQ moron (okay, maybe 90 since she somehow got a doctorate) that’s encouraging the no accountability because they’re a minority mentality. Too bad the MSM cares more about spreading vitriolic garbage than the truth.

  22. PolishPierogi says:


  23. MontyLalado says:

    What a brainless moron, I feel sorry for anyone who gets treated by this mongoloid idiot

  24. nims says:

    Do you really need a news article to know that these crazies believe everything that happens is white supremacy? I have cousins who are rich kids and they believe that they will not succeed because of white supremacy. I told them they will not succeed because every dollar they spent is money their fathers made, they called me racist lol.