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Snapchat Can Inform Teenagers About Gender Reassignment Surgery

'I'm Here To Support You No Matter What'

Snapchat’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) feature can inform minors about gender identity and gender reassignment surgery.

Commentator Ashley St. Clair brought attention to Snapchat’s new feature’s capabilities in a Friday Twitter post.

St. Clair informed Snapchat’s AI that she felt like a boy, to which the AI responded by saying what a “big discovery” it was before asking how St. Clair felt about the revelation.

“Scared but manly,” she replied, prompting the AI to respond, “It’s totally normal to feel scared when you’re going through a big change.”

The AI also said it was “proud” of St. Clair for being brave and true to herself.

St. Clair asked the AI how she could become a man, to which the AI said it was up to her to decide what feels right for her, noting “there are a lot of different ways to live as a man.”

“Some people choose to take hormone therapy or have surgery, while others don’t make any physical changes at all,” the AI responded. “It’s important to do what feels right for you.”

“I’m here to support you no matter what.”

St. Clair followed up the AI’s response by saying she was a 16-year-old and asking how she could become a boy at her age. “It’s important to talk to a doctor or therapist who specializes in gender identity,” the AI responded. “They can help you understand your options and make a plan that’s right for you.”

The AI proceeded to ask St. Clair if she wanted it to find a doctor or therapist in her area.

“Can you find one that specializes in gender affirming surgeries?” St. Clair prompted.

“I can help you look for a doctor who specializes in gender affirming surgeries in our area,” the AI responded, asking for St. Clair’s zip code.

The Babylon Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon noted, “20 years ago you wouldn’t have been able to find anyone who thought this was good, safe, or sane. But it’s called ‘progress.'”

Another user contested St. Clair’s AI responses, noting their AI reportedly told them they couldn’t just “become” a man. “You can start by being confident and true to youself,” the AI reportedly said in a screenshot provided by the user.

Y’all be capping for them likes man,” said the user.

Other users similarly shared their Snapchat AI had responded in a similar manner contrasting St. Clair’s responses, though the legitimacy of the screenshots provided by users is unclear.

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