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Senate Candidate JD Vance Joins Trump Rally in Ohio

Timcast spoke with Vance, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Mike Lindell before the event

Donald Trump held a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Sept. 17 where he delivered remarks in support of his endorsed Senate candidate JD Vance. 

“We’re doing really well,” Vance told Timcast. “We’ve been outspent $30 million over the summer and all the independent polls have us in the lead. I don’t believe the polls, but it’s better to be up than down and I think we’re going to win.”

When asked about being perceived as a “flip-flopper” for previously being a “Never Trump” Republican, Vance said: “I think, in America, if the facts change, you should change your mind and Trump was a good President.” 

Timcast spoke with Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, and several constituents about criticisms aimed at Vance and Trump, abortion rights, election integrity and illegal immigration at the southern border. 

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