Seattle Pride Event to Charge 'Reparations Fee' to 'White Allies'

By Cassandra Fairbanks

A Seattle Pride event that is supported by the city will be charging a “reparations fee” to “white allies” who wish to attend.

People of color may attend for free.

Seattle City Council president and mayoral candidate Lorena Gonzalez and the Seattle Human Rights Commission are supporting the event, according to a report from local station KTTH.

Organizers of the event, titled “TAKING B(L)ACK PRIDE,” say that “white allies and accomplices” must pay the reparations fee. It is not optional. The stated goal of the event is to amplify “the voices, narratives, and contributions of black queer and trans voices.”

White people who attend will be charged on a sliding scale of $10 to $50 depending on their “ability to pay.”

“All are free to attend HOWEVER this is a BLACK AND BROWN QUEER TRANS CENTERED, PRIORITIZED, VALUED, EVENT. White allies and accomplices are welcome to attend but will be charged a $10 to $50 reparations fee that will be used to keep this event free of cost for BLACK AND BROWN Trans and Queer COMMUNITY,” the Facebook page for the event states.

The event will be held in Jimi Hendrix Park, which is owned and operated by the city of Seattle. “This raises questions about the legality of a reparations fee,” KTTH noted.

“Critics question whether race-based admissions fees are appropriate. Seattle Municipal Code clearly prohibits racial discrimination. But organizers have pushed back, calling criticism of their admissions structure ‘casual violence,'” KTTH reports.

Seattle Parks and Recreation explicitly prohibits racial discrimination in their parks — whether or not the organizers have a permit for the event.

“It is unlawful for any person occupying or using any park or recreation facility for any event, activity or exhibition open to the public, whether or not under a permit and whether or not an admission or entrance fee is charged, to deny to any other person the full use and enjoyment of such park and recreation facility because of race…” according to Seattle Municipal Code (18.12.280).

Seattle’s Capitol Hill Pride event, who banned members of law enforcement from participating in their own parade, has condemned and called into question the legality of the reparations system.

While the violation may seem pretty clear, the Seattle Human Rights Commission is defending the organizer’s decision.

“Black trans and queer peoples are among the most marginalized and persecuted peoples within the LGBTQIA2S+ community,” the Commission wrote. “They often face shame not only from the cis-heteronormative community, but within the queer community at large as well. In making the event free for the Black Queer community, the organizers of this event are extending a courtesy so rarely extended; by providing a free and safe space to express joy, share story, and be in community.”

Seattle City Council president and mayoral candidate Lorena Gonzalez was so offended by Capitol Hill Pride speaking out against the reparations that she cancelled her speech at their event.

“After a year that has taken an unbelievable toll on all of our communities, I was looking forward to this opportunity to celebrate Pride in person,” Gonzalez tweeted. “However, I simply cannot support an organization that is trying to stop Black people in the LGBTQ+ community from celebrating Pride in the manner that they choose.” has reached out to Seattle Parks and Recreation for comment on the legality of the discrimination and will update this story if one is provided.

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*For corrections please email [email protected]*

16 responses to “Seattle Pride Event to Charge ‘Reparations Fee’ to ‘White Allies’”

  1. Bradtv says:

    Where can I send $50 to never hear of reparations, systemic racism or white guilt ever again?

  2. neilinda says:

    Always thinking of Seattle as being populated by a bunch of (wannabes like) Frazier and Niles Cranes’, so none of this is surprising… but then I remember Martin Crane and it is. 🙂

  3. neilinda says:

    Always thinking of Seattle as being populated by a bunch of (wannabes like) Frazier and Niles Cranes’, , so none of this is surprising… but then I remember Martin Crane and it is.

  4. Cat_R_Pillar says:

    Where would we find this video?

  5. 51773 says:

    This is really good reporting, it would be great if Tim pool kept the promises he made in the launch video of the record breaking SCNR / Subverse wefunder and delivered this kind of reporting there as well. Maybe then all those investors wouldn’t feel like they were lied to.

  6. Winter says:

    Why no!! That dosent sound racist at all!!!

    Where do you rudely take my cash and anything else from me? Is there a ticket booth or are you just going to “liberate “my cash in an alley???

  7. NobodyYouKnow says:

    Something that struck me with this piece was how unbelievably self-centered the writer and his so-called “allies” are. That’s the problem with the entire victimhood culture, it’s all about me, me me.

  8. NobodyYouKnow says:


  9. PolishMP731 says:

    This would be a great piece of journalism.

  10. PolishMP731 says:

    Hopefully, the Right ones leave, and the left stays put….

  11. ZedS says:

    And this is why people are leaving the Seattle and Portland areas in droves.

  12. Turk_Longwell says:

    Their whole 4 page “The Audacity of Capitol Hill Pride” statement is one mess of a word salad. I can write an essay from this alone, there’s so much going on in it. Let’s just point out some brain numbing bull shit. …
    – They want their ‘White allies, supporters and accomplices’ to pay them money for reparations that the Wyhites had nothing to do with. If those Wyhites are on your side, why are you trying to take their money, you should highlight them and show the world that you have support from Wyhites and not discourage their participation. But we know they are Racists, so they don’t give a shit.
    – As they are partaking in Race discrimination, On page 2, they openly tell that they can’t be racists or discriminatory. Therefore no matter bad their actions are, it’s ok for THEM to do it.
    – So they say, Black Trans and Queer people are the most marginalized and persecuted even within their own community. Well, “Commission” how about making your own bed first before coming out with trash statements like this.
    – Of course, White Supremacy is the root cause of everyone who dares not agree with their lies.
    – oh and I forgot this one… towards the end of page 3, it goes from Black to Black and Brown and then to
    Black and Browns Trans, Sick and Disabled, Prostitutes, Migrants (prob. Illegal), Elders, Youth and Communities of… Victimhood, I assume, may have to pay with their safety or possibly life, because Charlette does think racism is a good idea. So people might die from her “Casual Violence”.
    They use the word violence a lot, too. This people are such great victims. Seattle is going the way of decay and I don’t care. That’s a You problem.

  13. Turk_Longwell says:

    Tony, we’d love to see your interaction with the people at the event.

  14. Tony says:

    I hate Seattle so much. I used to be proud of my hometown, but it really is a shithole now. Wondering if I should go to this event with a hidden cam to see what happens as a white person and what the reaction would be to a refusal to pay because I am white.

  15. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    I’m sorry, they’re calling it WHAT now? They HAVE to be trolling with that alphabet soup, right? Why the fuck are they adding numbers now?

  16. Caweyr says:

    Hahaha! I support this give them what they have been fighting for. Just keep the rest of us out of it