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Sam Smith's New Music Video Criticized For Overt Sexualized Imagery

'YouTube Does Not Have Any Age Restrictions On Sam Smith’s Degrading Sexualised New Music Video' Said One Twitter User

English singer Sam Smith’s new music video has been criticized for overt sexual imagery.

Some noted the video was available on YouTube without an age restriction.

“I’m Not Here to Make Friends” features Smith and a cast of men and women wearing lingerie and other revealing clothing throughout the video.

Smith is seen hanging out the side of a helicopter as the singer is escorted from a courtyard to a mansion while wearing a giant pink overcoat.

The singer later appears strutting down a stair set accompanied by what appears to be transgender identifying people as a drag queen plays piano while Smith assaults two of the guests with a champagne bottle.

The video transitions to Smith and other men wearing pasties and a corset as the video highlights men with revealing lingerie.

Smith and other performers dance as the singer squats behind one dancer appearing to resemble sexual activity. A liquid is sprayed on the performers and Smith — further appearing to suggest sexual innuendo.

The next scene features male performers wearing what appears to be BDSM costumes as Smith swings from a chandelier above.


“I just watched that Sam Smith video, I don’t know what the world’s coming to, it wasn’t like this in my day,” said one Twitter user.

“Sam Smith is a perfect example of what degenerate Hollywood culture does to people. It makes celebrities vulgar, hyper-sexualised and obsessed with wearing their sexuality like a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face. And to make matters worse, kids look up to this man!” said news broadcaster Dominique Samuels.

“I used to love Sam Smith when he made actual music,” she continued. “This is just what bored, rich celebrities have to do: they pick a cause to become attached to. In Sam’s case, it’s wearing LGBT+ advocacy as a costume for broadcasting his sexual deviancy. It’s pathetic really.”

“I think [Sam Smith] helped me understand non binary. He’s certainly not a female and real men don’t want to be grouped with such a freak,” said another user noting the singer previously revealed he identified as “non-binary.”

“So non binary just means ‘f—ing weirdo’ which transcends gender.”

“YouTube does not have any age restrictions on Sam Smiths degrading sexualised new music video,” said Gays Against Groomers ambassador Oli Smith noting the video did not contain measures to restrict age of viewers. “5 year olds can search this up and watch it with no content restrictions! Sam Smith, this is not art. This is not trendy. This is not empowering. This is monstrous!”

“It is f—ing infuriating watching people so openly hate Sam Smith for being a proudly out non-binary artist. Not liking their music is one thing, but ‘missing the old Sam Smith’ is just your fatphobia, transphobia, and femmephobia speaking,” said one user rebutting Smith’s critics.

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