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Russian Defense Ministry Confirms Use of Conscripts Despite Putin’s Denial

The Russian Defense Ministry admits using conscripts in the country’s invasion of Ukraine despite direct denials from President Vladimir Putin.

“Russia’s defense ministry acknowledged on Wednesday that some conscripts were taking part in the conflict with Ukraine after multiple denials by President Vladimir Putin, who said only professional soldiers and officers had been sent in,” reports Reuters.

“The ministry said that some of them, serving in supply units, had been taken prisoner by the Ukrainian army,” adds the global news agency.

Vladimir Putin directly denied using conscripts despite numerous videos appearing on social media showing young soldiers.

“I’d like to address the mothers, wives, sisters, brides and girlfriends of our soldiers and officers who are in battle now,” Putin said Tuesday in a televised address.

“I know how worried you are for your loved ones,” he went on. “You can be proud of them just as the whole country is proud and feels for them.”

According to the United Nations, 474 civilians have been killed in the conflict and 861 have sustained serious injury. Those figures are widely considered to rise dramatically.

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