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Rose Montoya, Topless Activists Banned From White House Following Pride Event

White House: 'Individuals In The Video Will Not Be Invited To Future Events'

Activist Rose Montoya, who identifies as a transgender woman, and others will be banned from future events at the White House.

During a Saturday Pride event at the White House, Montoya, along with other transgender-identifying people, appeared topless. The incident was featured in a TikTok video posted by the transgender activist.

Other individuals who identify as transgender-men also appeared topless and displayed mastectomy scars while standing outside the White House.

“This behavior is inappropriate and disrespectful for any event at the White House,” said one White House spokesperson per NBC News. “It is not reflective of the event we hosted to celebrate LGBTQI+ families or the other hundreds of guests who were in attendance.”

“Individuals in the video will not be invited to future events.”

White House press secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, reiterated the White House’s statement during a Tuesday press conference.

“The behavior was simply unacceptable,” Pierre said. “We’re going to continue to be clear on that … that type of behavior … is unacceptable. It’s not appropriate, it’s disrespectful.”

Pierre clarified the incident doesn’t reflect the Pride event hosted at the White House.

“Individuals in the video certainly will not be invited to future events,” she said, adding the incident has never occurred prior to Saturday’s event. “This was not a normal thing that has happened under this administration.”

Critics of the White House’s Pride event noted the presentation of the progress Pride Flag draped between two American flags appeared to violate American flag code.

“The administration was proud to display the pride flag,” Pierre said of the flag’s display, referring to it as a “historic event.”

“It centered around … love and family,” she continued. “We’re not going to let anyone distract us from that.”

The White House press secretary abstained from dissecting flag code protocol, opting to “leave that to others.”

Montoya responded to critics of the transgender activist’s topless appearance at the South Lawn of the White House in a Tuesday video.

“It has recently come to my attention that conservatives are trying to use the video of me topless at the White House to try to call the community ‘groomers,’” Montoya said, noting women revealing their breasts in public is legal in Washington, D.C.


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“All you’re doing is affirming that I am a woman,” Montoya added.

“All you’re doing is saying that trans women are women,” Montoya continued. “Because for some reason, people like to sexualize women’s bodies and say they’re inappropriate.”

Montoya said the transgender activist had “zero intention” in appearing vulgar or profane by appearing topless.

“I was simply living in joy,” Montoya said. “Living my truth, and existing in my body.”

Montoya has not responded to the White House’s decision to ban the attendees appearing topless as of Wednesday afternoon.

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