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Rippaverse Will Donate Over 1,000 Books To Children's Charity ComicBooks for Kids

Eric D. July: 'Shoutout To CB4K For Their Cause And Shoutout To The Rippaverse Customers'

Independent comic book company Rippaverse has pledged to donate over 1,000 copies of their latest issue to children’s charity.

On June 20, Eric D. July, creator and owner of Rippaverse, announced the charity partnership encouraging customers to donate copies of their latest campaign Isom #2 to ComicBooks for Kids (CB4K) at half-price.

ComicBooks for Kids donates comics to children in hospitals and cancer centers.

Shortly after the announcement, Rippaverse began offering copies of Isom #1 for customers to purchase donations.

As of Wednesday, 1,103 books have been pledged by Rippaverse.

“When a creator contacts us and wants to work with us, we are thrilled. As long as the materials are all ages suitable, we know that we can give some goodies to the kiddos,” CB4K wrote in a Facebook post. “We have one mission, and that is to simply provide the goodies provided to us back to the kiddos and to the troops.”

“It has only been a couple weeks since we were contacted by Mr. Eric July,” the organization continued. “Eric informed us that someone on his staff knew of our organization and wanted to make a difference. We discussed donation options, and a selection was put up on his website, allowing others to order books for the charity.”

“Now, just a couple weeks later and thanks to so many supporters, their website is showing that over 1,000 books will be donated to CB4K.”

“However, what Eric and his team have not stated, and we want to publicly thank him for, is that this team has taken proceeds from each book and sent it back to CB4K,” the organization continued. “In just the last two weeks, Eric and his team have donated over $8,000 to support our initiatives for this year.”

CB4K revealed Rippaverse committed to continuing their book donations, along with additional funds from every book purchased.

“Thank you, Eric and team for making a difference to so many.”

“Shoutout to CB4K for their cause and shoutout to the Rippaverse customers for donating over 1000 books!” July wrote in a Twitter post.

Isom #2, which launched its preorder campaign earlier this month, has currently sold just under 23,000 copies, garnering over $1.6 million in sales as of Wednesday.

Rippaverse, which launched in 2022, released a code of ethics for their customers as the company vowed to respect the customer, respect to story canon and continuity, along with providing a comprehensive timeline.

The code of ethics is designed to address the politicization of legacy comic book companies along with a saturation of multiverse storylines and retroactive continuity changes (retcon).

Last summer, Rippaverse announced their debut comic Isom #1, which garnered over $3.7 million in sales during it’s initial preorder campaign.

Isom #1 and #2 are written by July, drawn by Cliff Richards, and colored by Gabe Eltaeb.

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