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Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Warns That America May Be Heading for 'National Divorce'

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has warned that America may be heading for a “national divorce” following the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Ramaswamy called the indictment a “dark moment in American history” that will “undermine public trust” in the electoral and justice systems.

“The politically motivated indictment of the 45th President of the United States marks a dark moment in American history. It will undermine public trust in our electoral system & justice system,” Ramaswamy tweeted. “It is un-American for the ruling party to use police power to arrest its political rivals. Principles go beyond partisanship. Let the American people decide who governs.”

The candidate called on all current and prospective candidates from both parties to join him in condemning Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s actions.

“Our entire country is skating on thin ice right now, and we cannot afford to politicize the justice system, or else we will reach our breaking point. I pray for our national unity and call on every current and prospective Presidential candidate in both parties to condemn this dangerously politicized prosecution.”

Ramaswamy also took aim at President Joe Biden, declaring that if he wanted to unify the nation he would get on television and condemn the treatment of his opponent.

“If [Joe Biden] wanted to unify our country, he’d get on TV tonight & say that even though Trump is his political opponent, he shouldn’t be indicted in a politically motivated prosecution,” Ramaswamy wrote. “It’s the single most valuable thing he could do in his Presidency to deliver national unity.”

In a video statement, Ramaswamy added that “Trump was criminally-indicted in a politically-motivated prosecution. This is wrong. This is dangerous. We’re skating on thin ice as a country right now. I think we may be heading on our way to a national divorce. I’m running for President because I care about a national revival instead. But this is a step in the wrong direction.”

The entrepreneur pointed out that Bragg ran a campaign pledging to investigate Trump.

“You don’t know what he did today?” Ramaswamy said. “He delivered on a campaign promise. That is not how our justice system is supposed to work. Justice is supposed to be impartial. If this had been anybody else other than Donald Trump, on this set of facts, it would have been charged as a misdemeanor at most, if at all.”

Ramaswamy also reminded his followers that they have a constitutional right to protest if they choose to, but asked that they “do it peacefully and do it lawfully if that’s the decision you make because, again, we’re in dangerous times today.”

Ramaswamy is a biotech millionaire and Harvard graduate whose parents immigrated to the United States from India.

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