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Rep. Thomas Massie Says His Office Will Not Comply With DC Vaccine Mandate

Rep. Thomas Massie has announced that his office will not be complying with the DC vaccine mandate that goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Massie said in a tweet that “shame has befallen our nation’s capital.”

“The DC vaccine mandate kicks in this weekend. My office will not comply. We will not show papers. We will not order takeout from restaurants that require papers for dine in. We will get our food from Virginia or we will bring it to work. Shame has befallen our nation’s capital,” Massie wrote.

Per the mandate, anyone over 12-years-old will have to provide proof of vaccination to enter gyms, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

The first phase of the mandate, beginning this weekend, will require people to only show that they have had at least one dose of the vaccine. Starting February 15, the mandate will be bumped up to requiring proof of two doses.

Some local businesses in the city are taking things further, requiring proof of a booster.

“You won’t need to show proof of vaccination to stay in a D.C. hotel, per the mandate, but you will need to show proof of vaccination to use the hotel’s common space, fitness facilities, or its bar or restaurant. Some hotels may choose to require vaccination, independently of the city’s mandate,” according to a report from DCist.

Museums, churches, grocery stores, and retail stores are exempt from the mandate, except in situations where people will be sitting for extended periods — if they host a performance or reading for example.

“If a house of worship, for example, is rented out for a non-religious event like a performance or presentation, guests would be required to show proof of vaccination,” the DCist report states.

A large protest called “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming,” is planning a march from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial on January 23 in opposition to the mandate.

The organizers claim that they expect 20,000 people to participate.

Announced speakers include Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Robert Malone, and Lara Logan.

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6 responses to “Rep. Thomas Massie Says His Office Will Not Comply With DC Vaccine Mandate”

  1. HerrDoktor says:

    I believe we tried that (religious exemptions) with marriage and the government (and the left) fought even harder to infiltrate that holy institution. Honestly I think their goal is to control religion without overtly controlling it.

    The autists have got ya, fam.

  2. pandusa says:

    As I understand it, you cannot enter any business. My bestie is scheduled to work that weekend. You know, as a nurse, treating viruses and every other plague and infirmity known to man. The ones Fouci read about in a office or looked at through a microscope in a lab. I would have to go on a bus. Today is last sign up for the bus. No way I could sit on a bus that long. Bathroom/refreshment in DC? I don’t have any cards or papers.The Almighty did not require or issue any. What is the difference between God and an elected bureaucrat? God knows he is not an elected bureaucrat…bureaucrats don’t know they are not GOD.

  3. prcntm_2nd_try says:

    Also worth noting is that I can’t actually reach the site where all of the DC vaccine mandate info is. Tried searching for Mayor’s Order 2021-148 in DC, which is the order pertaining to the vaccine mandate. I even tried switching my VPN to say I’m from DC. Nothing.

    Expanded my search to anything from Still nothing. Either the site is down or I’m not allowed in. Anyone got a link to the actual order I can use?

  4. prcntm_2nd_try says:

    Churches are expected to uphold the vaccine mandate for non-religious events? Everything in that church is a religious service regardless of the event held. Just have the pastor/priest come up at the beginning of every event and say “God is great” or something like that and BOOM, it’s a religious service and therefore religious exemptions apply.

  5. HerrDoktor says:

    Remember to wear your khakis, rolex, and sunglasses!

  6. Turk_Longwell says:

    I am thinking of going down. The more that show up, peacefully, the more press coverage it will get.
    I just worry about the FEDS stirring ish up and starting a problem, thus blaming it on the peaceful folks.