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Rep. Rashida Tlaib to Deliver Progressive Response to Biden’s State of the Union Address

Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib will deliver a response next week following Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address on behalf of the progressive “Working Families Party.”

It is rare for a politician to issue a formal response to the annual address when the President and lawmaker belong to the same party.

“I am especially excited to elevate the voices of the working-class residents in my district and across the nation,” Tlaib said in a statement. “It should not be this hard to deliver on health care, climate, housing, child care, safety, voting rights, clean water and so much more. … Our communities deserve for us to act now.”

“Republicans and a handful of corporate Democrats are standing in the way of Biden’s agenda,” she added.

“Obstructionist Republicans and a handful of corporate Democrats have ground Washington to a standstill while child poverty spikes and costs continue to rise for housing, healthcare, and childcare,” added Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell. “It doesn’t have to be this way. Rashida will articulate a progressive vision for how we can meet the basic needs of the American people, and ensure all of us can thrive.”

Read the full report at the Washington Post.

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