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New Doc 'Hero To Zero' Tells Stories of American First Responders Fired for Not Complying With Vaccine Mandates

A new documentary from The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura tells the stories of American first responders who have been fired for not complying with vaccine mandates.

‘Hero To Zero’ takes viewers on the rollercoaster ride of first responders who were praised for their bravery while continuing to work during the pandemic, to being tossed aside for refusing to give up their right to decide what is put into their own bodies.

Speaking to Timcast, Ventura explained that they wanted to give a voice to those people.

“The reason I and my producer Sagnik Basu wanted to make this documentary was that we wanted to give a voice to American first responders that were on the frontlines during the pandemic,” Ventura said. “Police officers, firefighters, and nurses were hailed and praised as ‘heroes’ by the media for the past two years. Then, the mandates came and the media demonized and attacked first responders who made the personal decision to not take the vaccine.”

Ventura continued, “those first responders are being placed on unpaid leave that’s why we went with the title ‘Hero To Zero.'”

On Friday, New York City fired 1,430 unvaccinated employees — including 36 NYPD officers. Nearly all the fired employees had been on unpaid leave for over three months, Gov1 reports.

An additional 939 employees who were on unpaid leave caved and were vaccinated to keep their jobs.

The same situation is taking place in cities across the nation.

Last month, a lawsuit was filed against the City of San Diego over its COVID vaccination mandate for first responders and city employees.

“This is a human rights issue – make no mistake about that,” said Amy Bohn, president of Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids, the group that filed the lawsuit, according to a report from Fox 5.

“They’re getting harassed, they’re getting intimidated, they’re being bullied. Some people are being separated from their lunchrooms, their colleagues – depending on the status of their shots. They can’t serve the community. This is what’s happening in your backyard,” Bohn continued.

Watch ‘Hero to Zero’ here.

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