Rep. Dan Crenshaw Confronted By Pro-Trump Senate Candidate for Saying Election Wasn't Stolen

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was confronted by Trump supporting senate candidate Bobby Piton for saying that the election was not stolen.

Speaking at a GOP fundraiser in Illinois, Crenshaw had said that election fraud was not the reason for the loss and told people not to kid themselves.

“There’s certain states with problems, but don’t kid yourself into believing that’s why we lost, it’s not. It’s not!” Crenshaw told the crowd.

However, the National File reports, “within the crowd was Bobby Piton, the mathematician who testified at the election integrity hearing in Arizona in November last year. Piton, who attended the hearings with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, said that he would ‘never ever’ have certified the election results, and if he was acting in an official capacity such as the executive of a publicly traded company, he would rather have resigned than done so.”

In response, Piton shouted, “You’re wrong. You’re wrong!”

Crenshaw maintained that he was correct, prompting Piton to assert that he has “proof in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.”

The congressman said that Piton had “already told him about his thoughts on the ballot review of Maricopa County,” before asking, “And how’d that turn out?”

Piton asserted that the results would flip the election, which an aggravated Crenshaw was not willing to entertain.

“Alright, alright. I’m not going to argue with this. I’m not going to argue with you,” Crenshaw said, adding that Trump “absolutely” did not get enough votes to win.

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8 responses to “Rep. Dan Crenshaw Confronted By Pro-Trump Senate Candidate for Saying Election Wasn’t Stolen”

  1. TCappo3 says:

    As a Texan, he needs to go. We got sold a false bill of goods with this liar. He can take his Soros money and get the hell out.

  2. TCappo3 says:

    Do not forget Dan Crenshaw was funded by the WEF (world economic forum). He is literally a Soros puppet. Do not take my word for it, look it up.

  3. ase6991 says:

    Crenshaw is becoming baby McCain.

  4. DanielBrownlee says:

    Yea Crenshaw is a bit enigmatic as of late. I was really excited about a wounded navy seal overcoming and continuing to serve. As mentioned above his book was a joy to read on stoicism and his story is both nail biting and heartwarming in many ways and I have a huge amount of respect for Mr crenshaw. That being said it is hard to get a read on that guy with his vote on the red flag laws and his cringey action hero political commercials. I like to think that Dan is building a strategy. He is still a freshman congressman who took office 3 years ago so I’m willing to give him a bit of grace for the possibility that perhaps he hasn’t yet found where he fits in with the swamp creatures. He seems like a balanced guy and a fine leader so I’m going to hold my fire for the guy. I’m gonna continue to root for him and this senate candidate and hope that they can start shooting in the same direction.

  5. Varak says:

    In defense of Dan Crenshaw, he was kind of put on the spot there. There wasn’t much he could say in that situation.

    That being said, Dan started off strong in Congress, but he’s been beginning to tow the establishment line, and it’s very heartbreaking to see. I have listened to his podcast and read his book. He is a smart, thoughtful guy, but he’s either been influenced or coerced into fighting the wrong battles and ignoring the right ones. I hope he turns this around soon or (I see him retaining his Congressional seat in 2022), but he may lose it in 2024.

  6. UppityG says:

    Crenshaw started out strong with me and then he did something stupid: he voted for red flag laws. WTAF.
    Now this? For him to say, categorically, the election has to be overturned or de-certified in all 5 states currently in dispute is extremely weird. No one should speak in such categorical terms at this stage of the various audits and investigations on-going, nothing has been settled.
    Between him and Pool saying that “all” that happened to Trump was he was Oceans 11’d, like that’s nothing, and claiming that his hacker libertarians can find nothing in Lindell’s claimed evidence thus far, they both sound like they got The Memo:
    talk down the possibility of the 2020 election theft (while ignoring how long and hard the Dems argued about it for the 2016 election), keep poopooing the idea, disabuse the Trump voters, demoralize them, keep them de-motivated to do anything about it that might completely gut the 2022 elections and beyond.
    Sorry, no sale Crenshaw and no sale Pool. And if Crenshaw does a third stupid thing, then I’ll vote for him to join the Black Rifle Coffee crew and to stay away from making public policy.
    FTR, I’m not boycotting BRCC based on anything the NYSlimes has written about them, none of us should. Remember what they did to the Covington Kids and oh so many more. Until I hear Hafer and / or Best denounce Rittenhouse directly, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.
    I’m gonna root for this Piton guy.

  7. JRPatriot says:

    Dan is an establishment republican when it comes down to it. Not a real populist that the people need right now.

  8. Turk_Longwell says:

    I like Dan and I don’t like Dan.