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Ratings from January Show CNN Lost 90% of Key Audience Demo Compared to Early 2021

New data released Wednesday from the first full week of 2022 shows CNN lost 90% of its audience in key demographics compared to one year earlier.

“CNN averaged 2.7 million viewers from Jan. 4-10 last year as the network experienced a brief post-election spike but plummeted to only 548,000 average viewers last week, for a stunning year-over-year drop of 80% of its total audience,” reports Fox News.

“CNN’s eye-popping decline is even worse among the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults age 25-54, as the liberal network shed 86% of its viewers and finished last week with only 113,000 average viewers in the critical category after averaging 822,000 a year ago,” adds Fox. “Among the demographic of people age 18-49, CNN shed nearly 90% of its 2021 audience by dropping from 624,000 younger viewers to a dismal 73,000.”

The ratings debacle comes after a series of high-profile scandals surrounding primetime host Chris Cuomo and his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Both men left their positions after a series of sexual misconduct allegations were aimed at the former Governor.

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5 responses to “Ratings from January Show CNN Lost 90% of Key Audience Demo Compared to Early 2021”

  1. IsaacSmith says:

    In response to: “Trump should buy CNN, the fallout alone would be hilarious.”

    …and move the Headquarters to Harpers Ferry.

  2. ChannelingTheFounders says:

    Trump should buy CNN, the fallout alone would be hilarious.

  3. Moiseevy1 says:

    Why cant CNN die already and just be bought by China (Officially)

  4. HerrDoktor says:

    And last year they were already low compared to previous years. Ouch.

    Let their demise be a lesson to any other news agencies who try to push the left’s stupid narrative.

  5. Hsims says:

    It’s almost like nobody gives a FFFFFF about Jan 6th