'Rally Against Jew Hatred' in Brooklyn Met With Counter-Protest After Two Men Were Assaulted Over IDF Sweatshirts

Approximately 100 protesters rallied in Brooklyn on Sunday after two men were allegedly attacked for wearing Israel Defense Forces hoodies.

Blake Zavadsky and Ilan Kaganovich were assaulted last week after the attacker allegedly warned them they had “five seconds” to take off the hoodies.

Zavadsky said that the attacker called them “dirty Jews” and punched him in the face twice.

The assault is being investigated as a hate crime, but no arrests have been made at time of publishing.

The protest was organized by Republican New York City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, who represents the district where the attack took place.

“This is what we ran from, this is why our families brought us to America and this is exactly what we’re seeing happening in this country again,” said Vernikov, according to a report from the Times of Israel. “We fled to this country for freedom, for safety, to be able to simply walk the streets and not be afraid to be a Jew, to wear whatever garments we want, to freely practice our religion. We will not be intimidated.”

The rally was met with counter protesters, who were also Jewish. They were there to disavow Zionism and Israel.

Elad Eliahu was on the scene and spoke to the victim, as well as demonstrators from both sides.

When asking the counter-protesters if it is okay to assault someone for wearing an IDF hoodie — most refused to answer or provided “no comment.” One opted to accuse the reporter of assault, which was of course, completely false.

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7 responses to “‘Rally Against Jew Hatred’ in Brooklyn Met With Counter-Protest After Two Men Were Assaulted Over IDF Sweatshirts”

  1. HerrDoktor says:

    How ridiculous. If any of those hasidim had been punched for wearing their things, I’d be out marching in support of their right to wear it without getting punched.
    Also ridiculous is someone who claims to believe what’s in the Torah and yet denounces the existence of Israel. The self-defeating is so loud it hurts.

  2. Ghxstleader says:

    That one dude who’s yelling he was attacked is literally anti-Semitic meme of “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”

  3. Ghxstleader says:

    Those Anti-Zionist Jews remind me of antifa but probably not violent. Seems like a cult.

  4. Keokuk11 says:

    Boscoman I don’t understand the attacks on Jews either as a Catholic I was raised to believe that Jews are gods chosen people and that anyone that stands against Israel is standing against God so from a Christian point of view it makes no since but admittedly non of these people are Christian so there is that.

  5. Boscoman says:

    As to those “Jews” denouncing Zionism, they aren’t Jews, they are leftists. Their politics is their religion & their fellow leftists will turn on them in a nano second and they will deserve what they get.

  6. Boscoman says:

    Not quite sure where you got the idea that the Rockerfeller family is Jewish. They aren’t.
    As to this type of behavior towards Jews, it is an interesting thing that the one thing that seems to cross all political, racial, & religious lines is Antisemitism. Got a gripe, just blame the Jews. I just don’t see an end to this as it seems to be so ingrained in Western culture.
    The one thing I do know is that weakness attracts abuse. Time for Jews to arm themselves, learn self defense & fight back.

  7. Wolv256 says:

    Hey everybody, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers don’t represent all Jews. Just because there are a couple of evil Jews trying to destroy the world, doesn’t mean they are all like that. People are just people. Stop hating each other and direct your hate in the right direction.