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Pro-Palestine Activists Hold Protest inside Fox Headquarters

Video of demonstration was shared online as part of the #ShutItDown4Palestine campaign

Protestors forced their way into the lobby of the News Corp building in New York City on Friday and held a pro-Palestine rally inside.

The number of participants was not immediately clear. The activist group ANSWER Coalition estimated 100 protestors were involved but the New York Police Department said in a statement 30 people were involved and 16 were taken into custody.

The ANSWER Coalition shared a video of the protest, where participants formed a circle around the room holding a banner that read “Fox News Lies  Cover Up Genocide.”

“Fox News, Fox News, you can’t hide, your lies cover up genocide,” the activists chanted. 

“One, two, three, four … occupation no more!” chanted other participants outside the building in another clip. “Five, six, seven, eight … Israel is a terrorist state!” they continued under the direction of a man shouting into a megaphone.”

The activists carried Palestinian flags and signs with messages in support.

The People’s Forum, a left-wing activist group, claimed responsibility for the protest. 

The disruption was part of a Global Day of Action called ‘Shut It Down for Palestine!’ taking place in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries around the globe,” the group said in a statement reported by The New York Post.

On X, The People’s Forum has shared several protests conducted on the national day of action with the tag #ShutItDown4Palestine. In one, pro-Palestine activists demonstrated inside the headquarters of the Chicago Tribune. They spread a list of names of all the Palestinians who have died since Oct. 7 across the floor.

In another, demonstrators unveiled a large Palestinian flag off of the side of the Leaning Tower of Pisa accompanied by colored smoke. 

The People’s Forum said that “several right-wing media outlets have made dangerous allegations against our solidarity with Palestine in an attempt to intimidate and legally harass our work” and that “efforts to smear and defame supporters of Palestinian liberation will enter the ledgers of history as shameful.”

“Our joint call with Palestinian-led organizations in the United States to ‘Shut It Down for Palestine’ brought together hundreds of actions across the country,  disrupting ‘business as usual’ and exposing the genocide committed by Israel,” said the group in a Nov. 16 statement. “From the moment the people first took to the streets last month in solidarity with Palestine, to the historic mobilization of more than 300,000 people in Washington, DC. These demonstrations have become increasingly widespread and are impossible to ignore.”

The Israel-Hamas conflict has led to nationwide protests with many calling on the federal government to intervene.

Earlier this week, protestors blocked entrances and exits at the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington D.C. The activist wore “Cease Fire Now” t-shirts and held a candlelight vigil to object to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Capitol police said the protest was conducted illegally and became violent when law enforcement tried to clear them away. 

“We are outside the DNC… Because this party claims to be on the side of life and peace and equality and we’re saying we want them to live up to their values and oppose this horrific war and call for a cease-fire now,” said one protestor in a clip. “And we’re being responded to by the police shoving anti-war activists down the stairs, shoving peaceful protestors back with their bikes.”

Several Democratic Members of Congress, who were attending a campaign event inside, were evacuated from the area. Capitol Police reported just one arrest. At least six officers and an estimated 90 demonstrators were injured following physical altercations.

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