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President Set To Address Nation Tuesday With an Updated COVID Strategy

The address comes amid surge in the Omicron variant nationwide, becoming the dominant strain as of Monday

The president is set to address the nation Tuesday, just hours after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that the Omicron variant is now the dominant strain of the coronavirus in the United States.

The address follows the news of the first death of a 50-year-old man in Houston, Texas as a result of the Omicron variant

The President took to Twitter late Tuesday in a thread giving a short preview of Tuesday’s address, stopping short of the previous statements suggesting certain death for the unvaccinated.

As of last week, schools have begun to shift to remote learning, restaurants are closing and public events are once again being canceled. Broadway shows in New York City and the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular shows are also being canceled. The National Hockey League¬†announced a pause to its season as well.

Senior administration officials said the president would announce three steps to build on his previously announced winter plan which includes increased hospital support, access to free tests and expanded vaccination efforts.

Officials said the administration would ensure that states and hospitals across the country have the resources they need as they face rising Omicron cases. The President is set to mobilize 1,000 members of the military to deploy to overburdened hospitals in January and February. They will also utilize FEMA to help hospital planners assess further needs.

Officials also highlighted access to millions of high-quality masks, billions of gloves and thousands of ventilators across the United States.

The president is also set to announce Tuesday the administration’s expanded access to testing through new federal testing sites across the nation.

The Biden administration will purchase half a billion rapid tests to give to Americans free of charge.

The president is also expected to announce expanded efforts to get Americans vaccinated. Officials said FEMA would create pop-up vaccination clinics and deploy hundreds of additional federal employees who will add thousands of appointments for vaccines each week.

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3 responses to “President Set To Address Nation Tuesday With an Updated COVID Strategy”

  1. davesnothere says:

    joe biden is not the President so nobody cares what he thinks.

  2. WeaponizedMemes says:

    I agree with you and with your math. But it doesn’t matter. They will use this as an excuse for more lockdowns, more mask mandates, more vaccine mandates, and more punishment for the unvaccinated.

  3. prcntm says:

    The article you linked to for the first confirmed death from Omicron Variant: It also states that 73% of the COIVD-19 infections are confirmed Omicron Variant for the week ending in Dec 18th. The CDC’s 7-Day moving average cases for Dec 18th is 127,445 (

    Math time (Anyone who can do this better is free to correct or comment):

    73% of 127,445 is 93,035.
    Of those 93,035 cases, we have had 1 confirmed death for that time frame, labeled as the first death so we can reasonably assume it’s the only one. (Sidenote, this is the first time I’m actually getting a hint at the how lethal Omicron actually is.)
    This means that Omicron as of Dec 18th has a weekly mortality rate of 1/93,035 or 0.00107487%.

    The math is “back of the napkin” so it’s likely to be wrong, but even if I’m wrong and this mortality rate increases by a factor of 10, that still a low enough number to be a statistical rounding error. It sounds callus to those who lose their lives and I do not want to diminish that loss, but at some point you have to pull your head out of the sand and look around. Omicron really isn’t that scary. At least not yet. Everything I have heard makes me personally believe it’s no more dangerous than influenza, but the media is in full Fear-Mongering mode and so is the Biden Administration. If we don’t calm down and approach this rationally, we’re going to lose what little control we have left.