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PragerU Personality Details YouTube Kids Promoting LGBTQ+ Content

'These Videos Are Not Child Friendly And YouTube Is Pushing Them To Indoctrinate Kids'

PragerU’s Aldo Buttazzoni detailed YouTube’s promotion of LGBTQ+ content for children in a Tuesday Twitter thread.

The streaming service allows parents or guardians to create profiles for children curated with age appropriate “content experiences.” Content experiences are available for children in three tiers: “preschool,” aimed at children 4 years and younger, “younger,” appropriate for children five to eight-years old, and “older,” for children nine to 12.

Children’s profiles are tethered to the parent’s YouTube account granting the adult moderation over content available through the child’s profile.

“I made an account and what I found was disgusting,” Buttazzoni said.

YouTube reportedly recommends a HiHo Kids video titled, “Kids Meet a Gender Non-Conforming Person” for their “older” children content tier.

HiHo Kids’ video is part of the channel’s “kids meet” series depicting children talking with people of specific professions including worm farmers and flight attendants along with transgender athletes and dating coaches.

The content tier also promotes gender and identity themed videos from accounts including one channel named Queer Kid Stuff, hosted by Lindsay Amer. Other promoted content includes videos featuring drag performer Nina West, who was infamously featured in a 2021 Blues Clues episode, along with “child drag performer” Desmond Napoles.

“Why do kids need to be exposed to this?” the PragerU personality asked.

Buttazzoni shared more screenshots of videos promoted to children’s YouTube profiles.

“Do children really have the capacity to understand these concepts?” he said. “This is NOT education. This is INDOCTRINATION.”

The PragerU personality detailed Queer Kid Stuff’s YouTube channel which features videos breaking down sexualities and gender identities along with explaining the LGBTQ+ acronym for children.

Amer has been recognized by GLAAD, the TED conference, and the Webby Awards regarding LGBT education and advocacy.

One video features Amer detailing consent “is about giving permission to someone, or something.”

“This is one of the most bizarre videos teaching children how to ‘give consent,'” Buttazzoni said. “What exactly are they teaching children to consent to?”

“They say it’s about kids toys and playing but there is a more sinister undertone given the cultural rise of [minor attracted persons] MAPS.”

The PragerU personality linked to a video from journalist “Billboard Chris” featuring a man stating he wants to “decouple ‘age’ and ‘consent'” appearing to suggest children could consent to sexual activity.

The man in question further states “different people mature at different rates” asking “why should we limit someone by their age?”

“That’s horrid,” Billboard Chris replied to the man. “That’s what we call rape.”

The man rebuts Billboard Chris’ response by noting “statutory rape is defined as someone under 18.”

“The are trying to push two ideas: 1. Kids have agency 2. Kids can consent The only logical conclusion to these existing concurrently is pedophilia. They are doing this the same way they are pushing the sexualisation of children with Drag Shows – under the guise of ‘gay rights,'” Buttazzoni wrote. “Children have a right to their innocence and to be safe from exposure to sexualized content online.”

“These videos are not child friendly and YouTube is pushing them to indoctrinate kids,” the PragerU personality concluded. “This is the definition of grooming and it’s disgusting.”

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