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Poll Finds That 86 Percent of Democrats Want Trump Indicted Over January 6

A new poll has revealed that a massive 86 percent majority of Democrats want to see former President Donald Trump indicted over the January 6 protest at the Capitol.

Just 21 percent of self-described Republicans agreed that Trump should be charged.

The poll, conducted by Navigator Research, revealed that over all, Republicans were the only “partisan or racial group” in which a majority (71 percent) opposed the Department of Justice filing criminal charges against the former president. Nearly half, 47 percent, of independents support him being charged.

Among racial groups, 80 percent of black respondents, 49 percent of white respondents, 58 percent of Hispanic voters, and 65 percent of Asian American and Pacific Islanders support indicting the former president.

The House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th has been urging the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland to file charges against Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election, which he is expected to run for.

Attorney General Garland has not indicated if he is considering pursuing charges, but stated on June 13 that he is watching the televised hearings by the committee — and that “January 6 prosecutors are watching all the hearings.”

“I am watching, and I will be watching all the hearings, although I may not be able to watch all of it live,” Garland told reporters. “And I can assure you that the January 6 prosecutors are watching all the hearings.”

The pollsters also found that 71 percent of voters do not support the actions of the protesters on January 6, with only 22 percent saying they support them and seven percent stating that they were unsure.

Surprisingly 13 percent of Democrats said that they supported the actions of the January 6 protesters. A larger number, 33 percent, of Republicans said the same.

Newsweek noted in their report that, “64 percent of those polled said they supported the committee’s investigation into the Capitol attack, compared to 28 percent who said they were opposed.”

“The investigation even has fairly strong support among Republicans, with 40 percent of those taking part in the survey saying they back it, compared to 51 percent who said they were opposed.”

According to Navigator, “Global Strategy Group conducted public opinion surveys among a sample of 998 registered voters from June 9- June 13, 2022. 106 additional interviews were conducted among Hispanic voters. 80 additional interviews were conducted among Asian American and Pacific Islander voters. 102 additional interviews were conducted among African American voters. 101 additional interviews were conducted among independent voters.”

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