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Police Kill Active Shooter Inside Indiana Walmart, 'We Go In, We Don't Pause'

Law enforcement fatally shot an active shooter inside an Indiana Walmart on Thursday evening.

The incident, which left at least one woman injured, occurred at a Walmart in Evansville around 9 p.m.

Sgt. Anna Gray of the Evansville Police Department said during a press conference that the suspect was engaged in a shootout with police and running throughout the store before being neutralized.

“He would shoot at officers and move,” Gray said. “He was all throughout the store.”

The suspect reportedly fired at police multiple times before he was taken down.

Sgt. Gray confirmed that a female victim had been transported to the hospital, but it is currently unknown if there were other victims.

The sergeant also seemingly took a shot at police departments that have been criticized for waiting too long to go inside during shootings.

“We have been trained that if there’s an active threat, we go in – we don’t pause, we don’t take time to try to figure out what’s going on. We go in and we go where the shots are being fired,” Gray said.

The department is now asking for witnesses that may have fled to come forward with any information they may have.

“A lot of people were fleeing,” she said Thursday night. “We do ask that any witnesses call in if they have information.”

There have been unconfirmed reports on social media that the shooter was a disgruntled employee. Timcast has not been able to verify that information independently.

A mass shooting took place at a Virginia Walmart in November.

The shooter was a manager at the store. Six people were killed, as well as the shooter.

“I looked up and my manager just opened the door and he just opened fire,” Walmart employee Briana Tyler told ABC’s Good Morning America at the time.

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