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Pfizer Claims New Anti-COVID Pill Slashes Risk of Death, Hospitalization By Nearly 90%

Executives from Pfizer claim their new oral anti-COVID medication will be a game-changer in fighting the virus in the months ahead, with new data showing the treatment is 89% effective in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death among those who contract the disease.

“The preliminary results from the trial were so positive that an independent board of experts recommended that the study be halted so that the drug can be offered to the general public sooner,” reports the New York Post.

“At the recommendation of an independent Data Monitoring Committee and in consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer will cease further enrollment into the study due to the overwhelming efficacy demonstrated in these results and plans to submit the data as part of its ongoing rolling submission to the U.S. FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) as soon as possible,” states a press release from the pharmaceutical company.

“Today’s news is a real game-changer in the global efforts to halt the devastation of this pandemic. These data suggest that our oral antiviral candidate … has the potential to save patients’ lives, reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections, and eliminate up to nine out of ten hospitalizations,” said Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Given the continued global impact of COVID-19, we have remained laser-focused on the science and fulfilling our responsibility to help healthcare systems and institutions around the world while ensuring equitable and broad access to people everywhere.”

“All of us at Pfizer are incredibly proud of our scientists, who designed and developed this molecule, working with the utmost urgency to help lessen the impact of this devastating disease on patients and their communities,” said Mikael Dolsten, MD, PhD., Chief Scientific Officer and President, Worldwide Research, Development and Medical of Pfizer. “We’re thankful to all of the patients, investigators, and sites around the world who participated in this clinical trial, all with the common goal of bringing forth a breakthrough oral therapy to help combat COVID-19.”

Read the full report at the New York Post.

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14 responses to “Pfizer Claims New Anti-COVID Pill Slashes Risk of Death, Hospitalization By Nearly 90%”

  1. terrispots says:

    So, we are supposed to believe them now? The blah blah doesnt work, so we are supposed to believe this works?

  2. Cleffy says:

    Early treatment in general before the 7th day significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death. Doesn’t matter if it’s an anti-parasitic or anti-viral. What’s killing people are doctors who refuse to believe in early treatment and send symptomatic people home until they are beyond 7 days.

  3. pandusa says:

    Me too .I do know some American drug company was working on some bamboozled, time release, form of Ivermectin in Canada. I am curious what this is.

  4. pandusa says:

    I would tell them to “go to Hell” but they seem to be on the road and not require any directions…

  5. Wolv256 says:

    Go to Hell, Pfizer, I will continue to use Ivermectin rather than your experimental knockoff for one hundred times the price. Fuck you, scumbags!

  6. coldwater says:

    Is it like one molecule different from Ivermectin. Gotta get that patent in.

  7. henk says:

    is this another horse medicine?

  8. VannicWolf says:

    Ivermectin now WITH graphene creatures! -brought to you by Pfizer and the BuildBackBetter crooks!

  9. househ102 says:

    The horse paste repackaged has been around forever so they are not concerned about its safety. They are just looking for a further payday! it’s pathetic! Let’s go Brandon!!

  10. WeaponizedMemes says:

    They just took horse paste and made it taste better for humans.

  11. rgsmith says:

    Let me guess… rebranded Ivermectin?

  12. Jman0404 says:

    I’d like someone to do an independent chemical analysis. I’m curious what common, cheap drugs are in this.

  13. exactly34 says:

    Seems as though they will take anything that produces positive results. And that methodology is so flawed. Lack of long term effects is one place where data will lack if this method keeps being used. We don’t know what the long term effects of this pill or the vaccines is. Never mind the waning efficacy of the vaccines, or lack of protection from new variants. They need to stop jumping the gun without testing long term. We don’t know what effects could be on the horizon.

  14. WeaponizedMemes says:

    IMO Drugs that are rushed out like this are just as concerning as vaccines that are rushed out. There have been drugs (pills) in the past that have been approved by the FDA that were later removed from the market because they had serious side effects. Approval or authorization doesn’t mean anything if they haven’t had rigorous long-term testing.