PETA Wants Cleveland Indians to Add Vegan Hot Dog to Mascots

The animal rights group wants to give vegan baseball fans something "to cheer for"

Fans of Cleveland baseball may see a new face joining beloved mascots: vegan hotdogs.

The human-sized caricatures have been entertaining crowds at Progressive Field for years

Onion, Ketchup, and Mustard are occasionally joined by Bacon.

In a letter to Tribe general manager Mike Chernoff on Monday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) offered to “buy the Veggie Dog’s costume and veggie dogs (sold in your stadium) for all the players” should the team agree.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in the letter, “Pigs, cows, and turkeys used for hot dogs value their lives and don’t deserve to become a stadium snack, so let’s go to bat for them… PETA hopes the team will introduce a delightful vegan wiener in a win for animals, the environment, and the health of its fans.”

“We hope you’ll take this opportunity to step up to the plate by giving vegan fans someone to cheer for in your Hot Dog Derby and representation in Tribe Hot Dogs’ community outreach,” she wrote.

Newkirk also noted that Progressive Field is ranked among its 10 vegan-friendly ballparks in 2019 and that meat-free dogs are already sold at the stadium.

According to The Blaze, “PETA has been mocked and ridiculed in the past for the pro-animal demands. In 2020, they objected to U.S. Marine training that included drinking snake blood and eating live scorpions, and demanded that the jungle survival training use virtual and vegan alternatives. In January, the group objected to the use of animal names as insults and offered a list of replacement words so that animals aren’t denigrated by being rhetorically connected to a lack of character and virtue.”

PETA argued that the move would “continue that spirit of inclusivity” that the team had demonstrated with their plans to change the team name. The team announced that next season they would be dropping Indians and become the Cleveland Guardians.

Despite the press conference and publicity, the baseball team may be in violation of copyright and trademark law. There is an established men’s roller derby team already known as the Cleveland Guardians. 

PETA provided a mockup of the potential Veggie Dog costume. The Cleveland Indians have not publicly responded to the organization’s request. 

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7 responses to “PETA Wants Cleveland Indians to Add Vegan Hot Dog to Mascots”

  1. Lilia0088 says:

    Some of us grew up eating meat, and don’t want to give up familiar dishes, or we’re “foodies”, and want to be culinarily adventurous without violating our ethics. As long as we’re not pain-in-the-ass proselytisers, that ethical choice doesn’t impact anyone else.
    Also, we’re not all “lefties” or PETA supporters. Not by a long shot.

  2. Plaguen says:

    The funny thing is these meat substitute wanna be meat products are usually worse for you than the original product. Kind of like anything that says diet on it.

  3. TheDarkworld says:

    The theme is impracticality. There. Explains everything done by the left.

  4. TheDarkworld says:

    Why don’t you train to survive in the jungle by eating something that doesn’t occur naturally anywhere? Woke ones are fuckin stupid, bro why do we oblige them? Go kill more animals ya phonies!

  5. Another Beer says:

    Why are vegans and vegetarians so obsessed with making their food look like meat products? Just eat the dang vegetables and fruits. We don’t make meat products that look like vegetables and fruit…that would be weird.

  6. UppityG says:

    I predict the vegan dogs will sit very patiently for months on end in the bottom of the cooler. Because they taste and look terrible. I tried a soy dog many years ago on a dare. It was dreck.

  7. Wolv256 says:

    Who cares what PETA wants? I want PETA abolished.