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Patrick-Bet David Spars With Anthony Weiner Over Clinton Associates 'Suicide,' 'Death' Reputation

'The Fact That You're Getting Nervous Is An Answer'

Podcast host Patrick Bet-David questioned former New York representative Anthony Weiner on his relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

During a Thursday episode of Bet-David’s PBD Podcast, Weiner said he believed Hillary, who formerly served as a New York Senator before serving in the Obama administration as Secretary of State, wasn’t a “particularly good politician.”

Bet-David asked if Weiner thought the former Secretary of State was a better strategist, to which the former New York representative said Clinton was a “blooming-where-she’s-potted” public official.

“Everything that she has been given to do … she knows government well,” Weiner said recounting his experience with Clinton during his time in the United States Congress. “I think it was very hard for her to get her sea legs being the first woman candidate of a major party. I think it was hard for her to get her sea legs in the framing of Bill Clinton’s wife.”

Weiner said he believed Clinton was a good person when asked by Bet-David, who detailed several topics viewers wanted the podcast host to question the former New York representative on including Weiner’s relationship with the Clintons.

Bet-David detailed a series of police officers who had died from suicide who reportedly had relationship to the Clintons, to which Weiner interjected, “You shouldn’t even be listing them and giving it oxygen.”

“We shouldn’t be listing these things, these things are destructive,” Weiner continued, talking through Bet-David’s response. “People have actually had violence done over—”

Bet-David noted the deaths were “conspiracy theories,” though detailed the series of deaths by associates of the Clintons dating back to the 90s.

“You’re reading a list of people Bill and Hillary Clinton knew?” Weiner interjected, noting the couple was in their 70s. “You’re better than this.”

Weiner insisted he didn’t know any of the names before asking Bet-David to provide the URL to the list.

“You don’t even know what you’re reading a list to, how is this helpful?” Weiner said as Bet-David continued reciting names, noting there were 46 in total. “This is your big moment, guys.”

“The fact that you’re getting nervous is an answer,” Bet-David said as Weiner insisted he wasn’t nervous but felt “sick” hearing the podcaster repeat “ridiculous” claims.

“The establishment makes us sick,” Bet-David said. “Your reaction is an answer.”

“Someone went into a pizza parlor in Washington [D.C.] because they believed this s—,” Weiner said of the 2016 shooting at Comet Ping Pong regarding the shop’s rumored connection to an alleged child-sex ring supposedly involving the Clintons. “You’re making an echo chamber.

Bet-David reiterated Weiner’s reaction to the list was an answer.

“You’re reading 46 random names off some f—ing insane website,” Weiner continued. “These people, you don’t even know who they are, you’re reading them off a list of something making some kind of … somehow as if it’s suspicious. You don’t even know who these human beings are who have families.”

Bet-David said he would spend the next two-hours going through each name asking for explanations, which prompted Weiner to challenge the podcaster to choose a random name off the list.

The two argued back and forth as Weiner referred to Bet-David as a bully. Bet-David insisted the list regarded Clinton’s relationships as the two continued shouting at each other.

“Millions of people are not convinced Hillary Clinton is a good person. Including myself,” the podcaster continued, adding everybody has a stereotype and reputation. “Your reputation is you like to text underage girls … you like to talk to girls and you sext sending pictures of your ding-a-ling. That’s your reputation.”

Weiner appeared frustrated with Bet-David’s remark and insisted he return to the list of Clinton-related deaths.

“How is it that the reputation that follows [the Clintons] is people close to them die?” Bet-David asked. “Why is that a story that many people believe in?”

Weiner reiterated the Clinton’s ages in what appeared to be an attempt to disregard the claim. This prompted Bet-David to ask why other notable political leaders didn’t have a similar reputation.

“People close to everybody dies,” Weiner said, suggesting Bet-David was implying something nefarious by addressing the list. “You’re asking a bizzarre question!”

“You’re a great politician, buddy,” Bet-David said as Weiner attempted to shame the podcaster for talking about the list of dead Clinton-related associates. “There isn’t anybody at this table that’s a bigger bully than you.”

Bet-David said Weiner had a “deceptive way of pinning” the argument against the podcaster. The two continued as Weiner insisted the question was a “conspiracy theory” propagated online.

Weiner suggested himself and Bet-David could continue the argument though requested the list be removed from the podcast.

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