Opposition to Black Lives Matter Reaches Highest Point Since 2017

Data from the online polling firm Civiqs reveals that opposition to Black Lives Matter is at the highest point since 2017.

Opposition to the far-left movement has been on the rise since last June when riots sparked chaos in cities across the nation.

Currently, 42 percent of the nation opposes the movement, while 46 percent support it.

“Republicans and white people have actually become less supportive of Black Lives Matter than they were before the death of George Floyd,” a writer for the New York Times noted in a recent piece about the upward trend in opposition.

Men are more likely to oppose the controversial movement, with exactly 50 percent currently, and only 38 percent support. Meanwhile, 53 percent of women are in favor of the movement, while just 35 percent are not.

There are also massive differences between races and political parties.

A whopping 87 percent of Democrats support the movement — to 86 percent of Republicans who oppose.

Support for the movement by white people has plummeted, with 51 percent opposition. Opposition has been on the rise since June 1 of last year, the height of the riots. Only 34 percent had opposed prior to that day.

In the black community, there is 84 percent support for the movement.

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