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OPINION: YouTuber Gabbie Hanna Ridiculed While Apparently Experiencing Psychosis—Because the Internet is Void of Compassion

The influencer is facing backlash for publicizing her mental breakdown in a string of bizarre TikTok posts

Just over a month out from the release of her debut album “Trauma Queen,” singer-songwriter and YouTube star Gabbie Hanna has posted a string of disturbing videos on her TikTok page while in the throes of what many believe to be a manic episode. Nearly a hundred videos from the musician caused fans and friends of Hanna to worry for the influencer’s mental state and physical safety.

The torrent of disjointed videos showed Hanna dancing, singing, screaming, laughing, and crying in lipstick-stained mirrors of her LA home. With a captive audience of 7.6 million followers, the 31-year-old offered countless cryptic insights about psychology, religion, death, and the afterlife. She comes across as articulate and calm in some videos, but makes outlandish statements that seem to only make logical sense to her.

In one post, she appeared to invite a complete stranger identified as Nick into her home, causing major alarm to viewers. TMZ uncovered that the LAPD sent a psychological evaluation team to her home on Wednesday after receiving an influx of calls asking to check on the public figure’s safety. Authorities reportedly determined that Hanna “didn’t pose a threat to herself or anyone else,” and allowed her to remain in her home.

This wasn’t the first time Gabbie Hanna received a wellness check at her residence. In July 2021, she posted an eyebrow-raising TikTok from her hot tub announcing a social media hiatus. “The police just came for a wellness check and i answered the door stoned, covered in paint and wearing only my underwear and a ‘make sure your friends are okay’ t shirt. i can’t believe they didn’t take me away,” revealed the singer in a since-deleted Tweet following the incident.

Viewers are understandably disappointed with the outcome of the recent wellness check as the YouTuber continues posting frenetic videos. They fail to realize that law enforcement is only responsible for ensuring that she is not in danger of inflicting harm on herself or others. They aren’t in a position to offer her the psychological help she clearly needs.

Secondly, commenters seem oblivious to the possibility that Gabbie Hanna is deeply invested in how they respond to her publicizing her breakdown. While she struggles to discern delusions from reality, she must also wade through a never-ending stream of ridicule and concern-trolling from ghouls online.

There is no compassion to be found on social media. Celebrities of the aughts saw their breakdowns splashed onto print tabloids. Today, social media fame means that your rock bottom moment will get memed into oblivion.

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