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North Carolina Hospital Network Fires 175+ Workers for Defying COVID Vaccine Mandate

Over 175 workers at North Carolina’s Novant Health System were fired this week for defying the organization’s mandatory COVID vaccination requirement.

Initially, 375 employees were temporarily suspended for refusing the injections, but 200 “came into compliance” and received the medication.

The laid-off employees have a five-day window to get the vaccine.

“Novant employees were given until Sept. 15 to get the shot,” reports WLNS. “Workers who have started a two-dose vaccine series will have until Oct. 15 to get their second dose and remain in compliance, the health system said. Novant workers who have been granted a medical or religious exemption are required to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing, wear N95 masks and eye protection while at work.”

The confusion surrounding COVID regulations spilled over into the country’s college system this month.

Penn State University suspended 117 students after the co-eds missed their mandatory COVID tests.

The University posted a press release on the subject Tuesday afternoon.

“Students at University Park who are subject to required weekly COVID-19 testing and who have missed at least three weeks of testing have been notified by Penn State that they are out of compliance with the University’s health and safety policies and have been placed on interim suspension through the Office of Student Conduct. To date, 117 students at University Park have been placed on interim suspension for their failure to properly comply with Penn State’s weekly COVID-19 testing requirement.”

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2 responses to “North Carolina Hospital Network Fires 175+ Workers for Defying COVID Vaccine Mandate”

  1. DuckvsSnake says:

    I also live in NC, I will be heading out to to protest Novant. We can’t allow this to stand.

  2. prcntm says:

    I live in North Carolina and this is really starting to feel more like a loyalty test than a medical procedure.

    I work remotely, but I do so as a contractor to the government. Despite the fact that the only one I am capable of potentially spreading anything to while at work is my cat, I still received an email stating that I had until October 8th to provide my “COVID-19 Vaccination Status”. They did not require that I prove I had any other vaccine or preventative medical procedure prior to starting for them, but now, all of the sudden, this one vaccine is so important people I will literally never have direct contact with are in danger if I don’t get it.