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New Survey: Americans Rank 'The Government' As Nation's Top Problem

Belief That Government Is Top U.S. Problem Is Uniting Republicans, Democrats and Independents

Despite year-over-year inflation still surging, U.S. involvement in an escalating proxy war with Russia, a spike in violent crime, and record numbers of migrants illegally crossing into the country, Americans now say the government is the number one problem facing the nation.

The new survey from Gallup shows U.S. citizens growing ever more weary of its political leadership, with 21 percent of respondents citing “The government/Poor leadership” as the top problem plaguing America.

Despite the sharp partisan division throughout the country on most issues, Republicans, Democrats, and Independent voters are united in their view that government is the country’s worst problem.

The latest survey data follows separate reporting from last year showing significant declines in Americans’ confidence in key institutions. All three major branches of federal government — the Supreme Court, the presidency, and Congress — saw new lows in confidence, with the military being the only institution in which more than half the country still had confidence.

In January 2023, rounding out the top five issues concerning Americans are inflation, immigration, the economy, and unifying the country.

As month-to-month inflation has slowly eased, the economy is no longer a top concern for most individuals. However, Americans still have a gloomy outlook over where the economy is headed.

Seventy-two percent of Americans say the economy is getting worse, while only 22 percent say it is improving and four percent believe it is staying the same, according to the Gallup survey.

Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index, which summarizes responses to current conditions and economic outlook items, has just reached its lowest point since the period following the 2008 market crash. The only bright spot many see is the job market, as 64 percent say it is a good time to find a quality job in the U.S., which could change as Q1 layoffs impact thousand of people.

“Views of the job market remain largely positive, but they are diminished from one year ago,” Gallup says. “While the U.S. unemployment rate remains relatively low, recent layoffs in the technology sector could affect opinions about the job market, and possibly the broader economy, in the coming months.”

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