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National Guard Asked to Volunteer to Work in New Mexico Schools Due to Extreme Staffing Shortage

Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has announced an initiative to have members of the National Guard work in the state’s severely understaffed schools.

The “Supporting Teachers and Families” initiative aims to encourage members of the National Guard to volunteer to become licensed as substitute pre-K-12 teachers and/or child care workers.

In a press release about the initiative, Governor Grisham’s office said that members of the Guard who do volunteer will have to go through the same process as other substitute teachers and volunteers — including undergoing a background check and completing an online substitute teaching workshop for individuals applying to work in schools.

“Our schools are a critical source of stability for our kids – we know they learn better in the classroom and thrive among their peers,” said Gov. Grisham in the statement. “Our kids, our teachers and our parents deserve as much stability as we can provide during this time of uncertainty, and the state stands ready to help keep kids in the classroom, parents able to go to work and teachers able to fully focus on the critical work they do every single day in educating the next generation.”

The governor’s office explained that additional staffing “will allow schools to avoid the disruptive process of switching between remote and in-person learning and prevent child care programs from having to shut down altogether.”

“Currently, many schools are being forced to shift to online learning and child care facilities are being forced to temporarily close when staff members test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as close contacts and must isolate or quarantine for 5 days,” the statement explained. “The goal of the state’s effort is to ensure these establishments have the staffing resources to temporarily fill in during these gaps. Since winter break, around 60 school districts and charter schools have moved into remote learning. Since the beginning of the year, 75 child care centers have partially or completely closed due to staffing shortages.”

The governor announced the initiative at Santa Fe High School, which is currently in remote learning due to a lack of substitute teachers.

“We’ve heard from multiple districts that a lack of substitute teachers is among the most critical staffing issues right now, and they’ve asked for the state’s support,” said Public Education Secretary Kurt Steinhaus. “This is state government at its best, and we are ready to step up to support our teachers, who have been on the front lines of the pandemic for nearly two years now, by increasing the state’s pool of substitute teachers.”

Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Hilario “Larry” Chavez said that the effort will be crucial for getting students back in physical classrooms.

“Santa Fe Public Schools greatly appreciates the STAF initiative by Governor Lujan Grisham, as this will be instrumental in helping us return and continue in-person learning by covering staff vacancies and reducing the stress on our remaining staff who have taken on additional duties,” Chavez said.

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10 responses to “National Guard Asked to Volunteer to Work in New Mexico Schools Due to Extreme Staffing Shortage”

  1. Eron1us says:

    National Guard usually already have jobs.
    Dems are destroying the country. Latest lunacy is TSA is accepting arrest warrants and deportation orders as ID.
    Stacking leftist nonsense on top of each other until the country fails.

  2. coldwater says:

    Retired National Guard here. This should never be the role of the NG. We need school choice. Then, fire teachers that don’t show up to teach. Deploy NG to Arizona border so they can actually “guard” something. Then rotate in Active Duty military from around the world to the border so they can also do their job of actually protecting us. Then send the National Guard home back to their regular jobs. None of this is nearly as complicated as MSM leads us to believe.

  3. HerrDoktor says:

    Rawdog, I don’t normally feel strongly about your comments, but your Fallout New Vegas reference makes me respect you a lot more.
    I’m afraid the FEV is spreading (and I mean fear of COVID, not COVID itself) and this next election is pretty much a choice between the NCR and the Legion.
    The funny thing is, I always sided with Mister House up until the last moment, then ditched him in favor of a free wasteland.
    I wouldn’t mind doing that in real life.

  4. Rawdog says:

    Wow, if you ain’t blackpilled by now, you are an idiot.

    I quickly realized while reading this, is that Arizona is run by Commiecrat Libtards.
    Have any of you seen the tv show Wayward Pines or the 2nd Kingsman movie?
    Both of these were made BY Libtards FOR Libtards. There was a trope in both that EVERYBODY, except me, missed. (since you are too dumb to figure it out) It was this…”The Military” (in the case of WP it was “security”) WERE NOT HUMANS. You NEVER saw their faces, in the case of the Kingsman movie you never saw a soldier, you only saw helicopters, cranes & trucks. Libtards consider soldiers to be ROBOTS (think Securitrons from FNV).

    The Libtards of Arizona have decided that they will bring in a bunch of Securitrons to teach your kids to wear their Fauci diapers, get their booster at lunch, never question Pedo Joe or Kameltoe, vote Commiecrat, hate white people (or their own whiteness), (too much more to write down), oh yeah, and turn in their own parents when they object.

    Here is the point: The time to destroy the Bully is NOT when he and 20 of his friends have you surrounded in the locker room, it is AS SOON AS YOU IDENTIFY HIM DESTROY HIM WHEN HE IS ALONE.
    Well…you are in the locker room, you are in a towel and they have you surrounded…Congratulations, you dumb shits.

  5. ZedS says:

    A manufactured crisis. A “vaccine” that doesn’t work. A “vaccine” mandate that drives people out of the workforce. An entrenched government run institution that controls access to the public’s children. Military personnel deployed to hospitals and schools to fill vacancies created by both the manufactured crisis (self-isolating people, like teachers who don’t want to work in person) and drove out otherwise willing workers with the mandate. Soon the government will have total control over the children and will seize them from the dissenters.
    Yep, Brandon’s America is circling the toilet, but we’ll be a banana republic caught up in civil war on our way to the drain.

  6. exactly34 says:

    Isn’t the point of the National Guard that you also have a job? Are they supposed to just leave their job to go teach 4th graders? It’s just putting strain on other industries. Classic holes in a boat. One finger in one and another springs up.

  7. pandusa says:

    I agree with previous comments. I do not like military incorporation into the private sector. It was caused by this administration. As everything they do, will probably not end well.

  8. latpack says:

    This staffing “shortage” doesn’t have anything to do with an experimental treatment being mandated for teachers does it?

    Obviously the solution is to hire them back.

  9. HerrDoktor says:

    Just wait until the National Guard substitute teachers start teaching these kids about Project Mockingbird and the first two amendments to the Constitution.

  10. JeffersonsRepublic says:

    One year in and putting Military personnel in schools and hospitals. No way there will ever be a military coup.