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Murder-Suicide at Houston Aquarium — No Apparent Connection Between Shooter and Victims

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

A seemingly random man and woman having dinner at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston were shot on Thursday evening when a man opened fire — and then killed himself.

The woman was injured but is now in stable condition. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

At approximately 8:10 PM, the presumed couple was at the bar in the aquarium’s restaurant when the perpetrator walked around the other end of the bar.

“Houston Police Executive Chief Matt Slinkard said video footage of the incident showed that the man and the woman were finishing a meal and getting ready to close out a tab when the suspect approached and began shooting,” reports the Dallas Morning News. There is no immediate evidence of a connection between the victims and the shooter.

The Houston Police posted a video of Chief Slinkard’s statement to the media at 11 P.M.

“This is a horribly, tragic incident,” Slinkard said. “This is the type of situation that should make us all pause.”

Information is limited at this time. Police have not said how many people were at the restaurant when the shooting occurred. They have indicated there is video footage. No information regarding the type of gun or any identifying details regarding the suspect have been made public.

One witness was there with her two children and told Fox 26 that multiple shots were fired during the incident.

Just 9.9% of murders were committed by strangers in 2019. In comparison, “28.3 percent of homicide victims were killed by someone they knew other than family members (acquaintance, neighbor, friend, boyfriend, etc.)” and  “13.0 percent were slain by family members,” according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Uniform Crime Reporting.

The Houston facility is an aquarium restaurant hybrid. It has a Ferris wheel, an aquatic carousel, Shark Voyage, a white tiger exhibit in addition to its restaurant.

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22 responses to “Murder-Suicide at Houston Aquarium — No Apparent Connection Between Shooter and Victims”

  1. Scafflaww says:

    Because there are a bunch of lazy, complaining fucks posting comments… the link for the FBI murder statistics is actually in the article. PS: the remaining 48% are “unknown.” C’mon people… how hard is it to click you mouse and actually read?

  2. Scafflaww says:

    The link is included in the article… perhaps you should click on it. Hmmmmm, perhaps?

  3. Scafflaww says:

    suicide is not murder.

  4. Scafflaww says:

    Given the most general legal definition of the term “murder,” the facts do support the murder/suicide designation: one person killed another, then killed himself.

  5. Scafflaww says:

    two people died: one victim (murder) and the shooter (suicide). Can you see it now?

  6. Scafflaww says:


  7. Stickywicket1977 says:

    oooohhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you betcha

  8. bearwithme says:

    Is it not an attempted murder/suicide?

  9. TheDoc says:

    I heard he was kinda funny looking

  10. TCappo3 says:

    Wrong lol it’s= it is, not a very good English student we’re you?

  11. TCappo3 says:

    Right?! I thought the same thing bad math, or maybe aliens.

  12. e_v_e says:

    Murder/suicide is a specific relationship that the preliminary facts here don’t seem to support.

    Aquarium/Restaurant hybrid seems to imply some bizarre captive exotic spear-fishing eatery…

    It’s an Aquarium that also has a restaurant (which doesn’t serve aquarium fish) and a gift shop (which doesn’t sell aquarium fish).

  13. SomethingRandom says:

    Suicide, no?

  14. Demosthenes says:

    Apostrophes work differently for the word “it”. For “it” to be a possessive no apostrophe is required. This is because “it’s” is considered a contraction of “it is”.

  15. Bikerbob59 says:

    It is odd though.

  16. Alea_Iocta_Est says:

    The aquarium has a Ferris wheel, an aquatic carousel, Shark Voyage and a white tiger exhibit in addition to the restaurant.

  17. Alea_Iocta_Est says:

    “hybrid restaurant/aquarium”

    9.9% killed by strangers
    13.0 by family members
    28.3% killed by known friends, acquaintances etc.
    That’s 51.2%, who committed the other 48.8% murders if it wasn’t a stranger, friend or family member? What is left?

  18. cutter says:

    I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work there, Lou.

  19. axegarden says:

    possession = apostrophe ; “it’s restaurant.”*

  20. cutter says:

    It works on so many levels.

  21. UppityG says:

    It had to be said.

  22. cutter says:

    There’s something fishy about this story.